January 24, 2023

The Hottest 2023 Oval-Shaped Engagement Ring Trends

One huge engagement trend this upcoming year, 2023 is oval engagement rings; we are totally on board! Ovals are elegantly brilliant and look a bit bigger per carat, making them the obvious choice for choosing the center stone in your engagement ring!

Oval diamonds are gorgeous in their own right. It’s no wonder they are show-stopping in any setting they’re set in! Want to know more about oval diamond engagement rings? Read on to find out about 2023 oval engagement ring trends.

2023 Engagement Ring Trends

This year, oval-shaped stones are what’s in! Couples have been loving the look of the elongated stone, its intrinsic beauty and elegance, and how versatile it is in almost any setting! Oval shaped engagement rings have been on the rise this year, and to be honest, we’re not surprised.

Oval diamonds even look great when paired with other 2023 engagement ring trends, like vintage style rings, and solitaire rings, set in yellow gold and paired with matching wedding bands. We love the oval combined with all of this year’s trends, and we’re sure you will too!

Why Ovals are the Perfect Stone

Need more reasons to understand why ovals are the perfect centerpiece for your engagement ring? Let’s show you why ovals are the best choice:

Oval diamonds are beautifully brilliant. Their sparkle and shine are incredibly eye-catching and inviting. And guess what? You can even use all that sparkle to your advantage! You can save some money on clarity by looking for an eye-clean oval diamond in the VS range.

The soft shape of the oval is so romantic. Throughout history, round diamonds have been an iconic choice when it comes to engagement rings. Ovals put a modern spin on the round’s classic look while shining just as bright and brilliant as the round.

The elongated shape gives lots of finger coverage. Ovals look larger carat for carat than other shapes because they have more surface area. This means your oval will look slightly bigger for its carat weight!

Ovals are wallet-friendly. Believe it or not, fancy cut shapes such as the oval are more affordable than the round cut. You can usually get a larger stone at a smaller cost if you choose an oval!

Unique Oval Engagement Rings

Having a one-of-a-kind engagement ring is super on trend this year. People love choosing a ring that represents their aesthetic. Self-expression (through your choice of jewelry) is on trend this year!

The Twig is a perfect example of a beautiful engagement ring with a personalized, Bohemian style. The delicate design expresses elegance, and the two side stones put all the focus on the sparkle of the oval center stone.

Oval Stones Steal the Show

Last year, the two-stone trend took off in popularity and brought classic solitaire settings back to the headlines. A single solitaire setting with an oval center stone is an absolute show-stopping pairing.

If you decide to go for a classic solitaire setting, we recommend going for an oval-cut center stone! Its elongated shape means they look and feel bigger, and its brilliant shine is unbeatable. Ovals give extensive finger coverage, which makes for a stunning look, and the sparkle of the brilliant cut oval is dazzling.

A great example of a gorgeous single solitaire is The Lexie. The smooth band puts the oval front and center, making it the perfect solitaire setting to put all the emphasis on a stunning oval diamond.

Ovals and Vintage Styles

As it turns out, the art deco style of the 1920s has made a comeback in 2023! This decadent vintage style features bold geometric lines. Paired with oval-shaped stones, this vintage style is simply as elegant as can be and pleasing to the eye.

This year, yellow gold is a very popular choice among engagement ring shoppers. In truth, rose gold defined the jewelry of the art deco era, but yellow gold puts a timeless spin on vintage pieces.

The Amber looks fantastic in yellow gold, and the band’s golden hue puts a spotlight on the bright diamonds. The ring iconically touches upon three major 2023 trends for engagement rings: it combines the art deco style, is in lustrous yellow gold, and of course, we can’t forget about its stunning oval center stone!

Lab Grown Diamonds

There’s another up-and-coming trend in 2023 that we are on board with, and it’s lab-grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are a great choice because they keep environmental wellness in mind and are just about half the price of a natural stone of similar parameters.

Today, many couples choose not to get an engagement ring and instead invest in a home. But with lab diamonds, you can have both without breaking the bank!

Diamonds created in a lab are significantly less expensive than naturally mined diamonds. This means buying a stunning pave engagement ring, like the Adelle, is entirely within reach!

This Adelle features a show-stopping pave band with brilliant round diamonds. Sitting front and center is a wonderfully beautiful oval-cut diamond. All of the diamonds used to create this ring are lab diamonds. Don’t you just love a slightly less costly, eco-friendly engagement ring?

Matching Sets

This 2023, matching your engagement ring with a beautiful wedding band is 100% the way to go. Some matching pairs sit flush together, while others have negative space between them. You’re bound to decorate your hand even more beautifully, whichever you choose, by creating a matching set with an oval engagement ring.

The Hidden Halo Penelope features three small round diamonds around the center oval stone. These small details shine even brighter when they are paired up with a matching Penelope wedding band. The sparkle from the small diamonds brings out the brilliance of the gorgeous oval center stone.

In this matching set, the oval’s elongated shape is apparent, as the oval center stone overlays the wedding band ever so slightly. The small space between the oval engagement ring and its matching band makes a delicate, elegant set together.

One More Match

The Kristen is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for an even more bejeweled look to complement your oval diamond. The beautiful marquise and round diamonds alternate to create the most exquisite look, and the oval diamond in the center shining brightly is simply the cherry on top.

The elongated shape of the oval center stone is another great feature of this ring because elongated shapes pair beautifully with wedding bands, especially chevron-shaped bands. This set works gorgeously together and makes for a diamond-encrusted elegant look.

Why An Oval Engagement Ring is the Perfect Choice

Even though trends do change, we are certain oval diamonds are here to stay. Choosing an oval engagement ring will be a tasteful choice according to this year’s trends and will continue to be for many years after that.

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