February 21, 2020

The Many Benefits of Voice AI

In a sci-fi movie, it often shows the characters talking to a robot that can reply like a human. Now, they are already starting to have this technology in the market in the form of a voice AI app. The technology is improving with the voice AI bots are now beginning to be able to understand human emotions for more relevant reactions.

Less conversation is required if the voice AI robot can estimate your need by reading your emotions. This allows you to get the AI to do things faster. The technology can happen because it understands both the context and the tone of how the user speaks. It is not like before, where the programmer program the AI with the If then context.

AI Replacing Human Customer Service Agents

Conversational AI like Alan has already started to enter into businesses as customer service chatbots. Conversational voice AI platform Alan can converse with the customers and answer all their queries before redirecting them to the right solutions. It is able to recommend a product if the customer expresses dissatisfaction with the product.

Alan can also provide recommendations based on the requirements the customer make, for example, the customer wants a product that is suitable for the place where she is visiting. It knows what the customer needs based on the previous data such as products customer has purchased in the past, the keyword the customer is searching for, salary, and market trends.

The bot has a lot of information in its database to make the right recommendations. It is far more information than a human customer can conceive in her head. The AI chatbot is able to provide an accurate answer to queries based on the data in the knowledgebase. It is faster than having to wait for the customer agent to visit the knowledge base and search for an answer. A fast and accurate reply to queries can increase customer satisfaction.

AI in Day to Day Workplace Responsibilities

The digital assistant can help employees with their day to day workplace experience. This is because it is familiar with all the tools that employees use like email, calendar planner, and messaging apps. It can carry out repetitive tasks such as scheduling the same event in the calendar. The digital assistant may assist you in the task that you are having difficulty.

A virtual assistant can also suggest human help if it is not capable of doing the job. The AI will take over the mundane tasks while the worker will focus on other tasks that require human to human interaction. Employees will be able to communicate with the AI hands-free. This is convenient when the employee has to carry equipment when working.

AI in the Travel industry

AI is also playing an important role in the travel industry. GPS with voice command can tell you which direction to take when you are lost while in search for a hotel to spend the night. The GPS with a built-in voice assistant can tell you the nearest restaurant and shops to your hotel. When you are busy with work, you can tell the digital assistant to help you search and place a reservation for a hotel. It can help you to pay for your accommodation fee with your credit card.

Independent Living for Disabled People

Digital assistant is being used to streamline everyday tasks for disabled people Nowadays, AI technology also exists in the car for people with disability. It creates a possibility for independent living by allowing disabled people with hearing, vision, and mobile problems to leave the house and drive the car themselves to the store. For example, it can assist people with eyesight problems to recognize signs on the road. It can assist in ordering a taxi cab, an order take out and ordering groceries for people with mobility problems.

AI also opens up the possibility for independent living in a smart home that is equipped with the internet of things devices. Disabled people can tell the AI device to do things like on/off lights, adjust radiator and air conditioner, and turn on/off the appliances conveniently. You can also set up the AI to release alarm sound if your loved one has fallen down and need emergency help.

AI in On the Job Training

A virtual assistant can also be of use in on the job training. It is often hard for employees to remember what they have learned in the classroom. A better way of learning is to let the employee ask the virtual assistant the question when met with difficulty. The employee can remember better when applies what he learns on the job. If the virtual assistant is unable to provide an answer, the organization will understand what information is missing in the knowledgebase.

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