November 22, 2019

The Most Effective Ways to Enhance Your Gaming Experience on an Android Device

Advances in android technology have made playing games on the said devices super fun. Short loading times, top-shelf, and dependable input responsiveness, as well as a consistent frame rate, are just some of the perks users enjoy when they play online games on Android. However, even though efficient, sometimes your android device can lag, making your gaming experience hectic. Fortunately, these lags are, in most cases, as a result of minimal issues that you can fix yourself. That said, here are some helpful tips to help you optimize your android device for the best gaming experience.

Lower Your Animation Scale

Using moderate animation might not seem fun, but it enhances your phone’s performance significantly. It boosts your gaming app performance, which in turn means a better android device gaming experience. So lower your animation scale for a smooth-sailing gaming experience.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

One easy way to boost your phone’s performance and your gaming experience is to uninstall unwanted apps. Review all the apps on your phone, identify those you haven’t used in a long time and uninstall them.

Such applications often take up space and RAM, slowing down your android device performance and, consequently, your gaming experience. Once you uninstall them, you’ll see a drastic improvement in not only your gaming experience but also overall device performance.

Turn Off Background Apps

You may not know this, but many mobile phone applications typically continue running even if you are not using them. This, in turn, takes up a huge chunk of your RAM and as a result, slows down your phone’s performance and also causes lagging on gaming applications.

So if uninstalling apps isn’t an option you would consider. Another easy and effective way to optimize your android device and boost your online gaming experience is to turn off the background apps. You can turn all of them off, or select a few.

If you decide to turn off only a few, then start with social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook as they are often the main culprits. To do this, simply search for processes or running services and turn off all background activity.

Enable Developer Options

One of the most effective ways to enhance your Android device performance and gaming experience is to turn on developer options. Got no idea what that is? Simply put, developer options are a set of awesome, hidden settings on all android devices that contain advanced and unique features.

If they are so impressive and advanced, why are they hidden? Well, these settings are mainly used to debug and for application development uses. They are therefore hidden to prevent first-time android device users from turning on options that will confuse them or cause unexpected results.

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To enable developer options on Android, go to your phone’s Settings> General> About phone. From the about phone window, scroll down to software info and click on build number 7 times to turn on developer options.

Once you enable developer options, a new menu will appear. Open it and activate the ForcexMSAA option and then restart your device.  Once this is on, your phone will run your gaming apps such as Comeon Blackjack on the highest resolution possible and as a result, enhance your experience. Apart from the ForcexMSAA option, there are many other settings on the developer options menu, which, if activated, will significantly boost your android device’s performance.

However, note, enabling developer options drains your phone’s battery. Therefore, ensure you do so when your phone is fully charged and only enable this menu only when necessary.

Note; Depending on the type of android device you are using, the about phone window might also be labeled “My phone” while the build number might be labeled “Version.”

For instance, in Oppo phones, the build number is labeled as “Version.” So don’t be confused when you don’t find the earlier mentioned.

Expand Your Phone’s Memory

If all the above fails to enhance your android device performance, then the ideal solution to your problem might be expanding your phone’s memory. There are several ways to do this; you can either buy an SD card to upgrade your phone’s memory physically. This is often the most commendable option as you will have more space, even for your personal use.

The other viable option is to download a memory expander app from PlayStore. To further enhance the effectiveness of such an app, it’s a good idea to download another app dedicated to boosting your android device’s performance.

Over to You

Mobile phones have greatly enhanced our way of life. Whether you are a card or mortal combat game enthusiast, you no longer have to own a console for you to enjoy your favorite games.

You can play them from wherever you are and at any time on your Android when you download the app. And with the tips above, you don’t have to worry about slow performance.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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