May 20, 2022

The Online Operators Bossing the US iGaming Market

The iGaming market in the United States has shown great promise in recent years. As of now, the U.S iGaming Market has become one of the most profitable forms of gambling in the country, growing rapidly across a few legal states. Most of the market’s success comes from online operators in charge of sports betting and its mobile variations that have reached markets and jurisdictions to legalize the vertical form of gambling.

Though not all as cut and dry as expected. Daily Fantasy Sports has seen a few hindrances from popular operators in the country amidst a new upcoming series. Despite the drawbacks, sports betting in the DFS league has expanded significantly due to fans of the genre, allowing more sportsbooks to open up in the country and pushing for the legalization of some sports betting.

DFS in the USA:

Daily Fantasy Sports has already been a popular sports betting choice among punters. A part of fantasy sports games, DFS in the USA has gained significant traction with the help of two competing services that dominate the market. FanDuel in New York and its major rival Draftkings own 95% of the DFS market in the USA.

DFS’s fame is credited to its convenient season-length games and its emphasis on large cash prizes. It has also been credited for improving viewership and engagement in sports, but not without criticism. Multiple states have criticized its semblance to sports betting which at the time was frowned upon and illegal across several states.

Such matters have been resolved and mooted but, in the end, more than 18 states ruled that DFS was a legitimate game of skill. Currently, sports betting has been legalized in certain states which has allowed major providers to become bookmakers to leverage the existing customer base.

DFS Players Moving from Operators:

Major DFS operators such as DraftKings, FanDuels, and BetMGM have been leaders of the industry for the longest time. However, even the market leaders have seen a fair share of mishaps regarding their respective player bases. DraftKings players have moved from the operator along with FanDuel, the former who has seen suspensions and had to leave provinces.

DFS operators are losing a number of players, however, despite the loss of certain players, renowned names remain. Operators are still up and running and seeing a significant number of bets, meaning players are still forming lineups and punters are making the best possible strategies.

Free Bet Offers:

With DFS soaring high and major companies losing players, other online operators have offered their services to anyone willing to register. There are sportsbooks that players can register with and claim exciting prizes. All operators offer a welcome bet to encourage players to sign up and step up their betting experience.

Free Betting Types:

Many of these operators will offer free bets, but not every wager is the same. While each operator will offer a different promotion for their free bet, you can expect the following:

  • Risk-Free Bets which have zero financial risk
  • Cash Bonus bet where a deposit is matched by the operator
  • Matched Deposit Bonus in which a percentage of the initial deposit is matched in bonus funds
  • Money-Back Free Bets bonus where the free bet is given without an initial stake


Online operators have bossed the ever-growing popular iGaming market. Despite minor setbacks, major platforms and others have gained traction and players with enticing offers. The more DFS grows the more lucrative offers there will be moving forward. So take advantage of the promotions and free bets offered by the operators to win big this year.

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