July 20, 2020

The Ten Best Weapons From Every Category in Pixel Gun 3D

There are a lot of games out there that offer a different take on the first-person shooting genre. Some of them rely on flashy graphics and a unique kind of gameplay to draw people in. Others are simpler but rely on a different statistic to draw their audience in – not through graphics or gameplay, but on a unique presentation.

That’s what Pixel Gun 3D is. Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooting game that borrows heavily from the Minecraft aesthetic of blocks. It’s not a sandbox, but instead, it is an FPS game that is more like COD or NOVA Legacy. It does have something it could’ve borrowed from Minecraft – the game has a Survival mode, where your character battles against the environment.

There is also a multiplayer mode where players can get into the game with their friends and pit themselves against other teams. But to win against these teams, they have to choose the best weapons to use in the game. There are different weapons in the game, built specifically for different players in the game.

Here are the different guns available in the game, from the short and small to the long-ranged, heavy-hitting shooters.

1| Anime Scythe

Far from a cartoonish scythe, the Anime Scythe fires just like the Poison spell. It’s a little expensive and does give the player a mediocre travel time. However, once you get past all the negatives, it’s identical to the Laser Spear in use, but fires faster and does have a faster travel time.

While pretty hard to maneuver and the fire time is decent compared to other people, its reviews are mixed, leaning towards positive. People like it because it can kill anywhere between 5-7 people with its two shots, making it OP (overpowered) for some.

2| Crystal Fast Death

The Fast Death is a backup weapon from the early versions of Pixel Gun 3D. It looks like a cross between a rifle and a handgun and it uses regular bullets, shooting in bursts. Dealing with medium damage, it has a high rate of fire with its semi-auto setting. It also lets the user move with decent mobility.

It’s a cheap gun, considering the rate of fire and damage. With a character-focused on buffs for weapons of this type as well as points invested in the accuracy stat, it will work nicely. The only thing a character wielding this gun should get is a very nice set of armor.

3| Anti-Gravity Gun

The Anti-Gravity Gun is a pistol but is considered a Heavy weapon. It is found in the game after the 5.4.1 update. It is a silver-hued pistol that shoots energy projectiles. You’ll find most of these guns used by characters who love to rocket jump. The damage is considerably high while its capacity is small.

While people lament that it does fire at a lower rate than most guns, its push-back effect is a big help. It is considered a great gun to use for survival or campaign maps and can also help you get out of a pinch in multiplayer. Players only need to have a nice primary and premium weapon to back it up

4| Excalibur

This is a Primary, clan-themed Gatling gun that also emits an energy shield as well as dispenses an armor bonus. It shoots light blue bullets at a high rate and has good damage. It also eliminates opponents through a high fire rate, large capacity of ammo, although it does afford a slightly lower rate of mobility.

There are very few weapons that can give both great attack and defense at one time. Players compare the Neutralizer to it, which can one-shot an opponent. Most players find that it is best used when treated as a late-game stage weapon rather than an early stage armament. By then, it will be an OP’ed weapon that can take out enemies in just 2.5 seconds.

5| Anti-Hero Rifle

Snipers will love the Anti-Hero Rifle, which can go through some updates. It is quite big for a Sniper rifle. It follows the same color scheme as the EVA-01 in Neon Genesis: Evangelion, but that’s the only similarity. Its power seems to come from a big green crystal that is embedded within the weapon.

The rifle is considered a better weapon than the Prototype. It costs 120 gems and has more damage, bullets, and the movement speed to boot. Users love that it is disguised as a very unattractive weapon for its power. However, it is considered one of the best sniper guns in the game, especially when powered up.

6| Hellraiser Up1

The Hellraiser almost looks like the Joker’s personal rifle of choice. It is a Halloween-themed assault rifle that has decent performance at max levels. It deals a fairly high amount of damage with a high fire rate, decent capacity, and has average mobility. It also has full auto and 4x zoom at default.

It is pretty affordable for its capability, and also has a mixed review for most players. With the right kind of attachments such as the scope, though, the Hellraiser can deal pretty decent accurate damage. It is also a pretty adaptable gun, which players can use as a sniper rifle or as an assault gun.

7| Automatic Peacemaker Up1

The Automatic Peacemaker is a gun that fits right into the goth aesthetic. The gun is colored dark red and dark gray, and also shoots a lot of bullets at an automatically fast fire rate. It has great damage while firing fast, needs a high amount of ammo, and offers low mobility for its size and heft.

Players that have a strong knack for killing other players quick and plenty will love this weapon. It is also one of the few weapons that enable a player to stare down a Laser Minigun-user with ease, but it will also make its user like a gun turret – can kill a lot of people real quick, but can’t move to avoid return fire. For its price, it is a very good weapon.

8| Prototype Up1

The Prototype Up1 has a grey body with an orange battery. It has a neon purple energy source, with spring-loaded rings and a silver “2” painted on it. The weapon looks like a type of armament that Buzz Lightyear would appreciate, seeing as it is an energy-based weapon.

Most players that use this weapon has a good knowledge of the glitches present within the game. When armor and gems didn’t exist, players used to rack up all kinds of kills. It’s a nice energy-gun sniper that can shoot through walls. It’s as if there isn’t anywhere safe on the map for enemies if the user is packing this kind of heat.

9| Dragon Breath

For all intents and purposes, the Dragon’s Breath does look like a dragon, complete with the eyes and the orange and yellow hue. It shoots a scarlet-colored laser towards targets, has a high fire rate, a lot of capacity, and very good mobility. It also borrows its appearance from that of a tuning fork.

It is also a premium weapon which is deemed better than the laser minigun. It does more damage, only takes 2 shots to kill boss monsters, and also has a pretty accurate crosshair. It will take down opponents if you’re careful and accurate enough.

10| Laser Minigun

The Laser Minigun is another Heavy weapon, a futuristic-type gun that shoots purple lasers. It is especially adept at breaking walls, aside from causing high damage to enemies with a high rate of fire and capacity. However, being a minigun, it doesn’t really do much in terms of helping you avoid enemies.

The Laser Minigun is also considered an OP weapon with the amount of ammo that it is able to store. However, it is pretty expensive, but it worth it. Players who want to get it should invest in it early, at the Trader van near the start.

These are the best weapons available in Pixel Gun 3D. For people who would rather play action games, this one is worth a look. Consider getting the best gun available for your skills as a player, and you’ll be rewarded with the sound of your enemies dying in-game!

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