January 5, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Innovative Videos

In the age of social media, videos are more impactful than anything! Social media, in fact, revolves around videos. However, not every video gets viral on social media. It is necessary for a video to have quality content and visuals. Only those videos get the hype that contains some unique and out of the box elements.

The videos have also become important for marketing and advertising. In fact, even before social media, most of the business or product marketing was done by featuring advertisements in form of videos over television. Since then, creative and innovative ideas have been the most crucial and mandatory elements of videos.

How to Make Innovative Videos?

As stated before, creativity and innovation are the key elements of a video, regardless of the objective of the video. But, this is where many social media bloggers, advertisement companies, and content creators get puzzled. Well, the objective of this blog post is to guide you through the process of creating outstanding videos.

Video Transcript

In the very first place, you need to identify and straighten your goals, your main object or purpose of the video, and your audience insights. After sorting out all these things, you need to work out the main idea of video content i.e., the creative concepts that would direct your video and would convey the message to your audience. However, the most difficult task in video making is to choose the right creative path. Though creativity is god gifted, it just needs a little bit more efforts to work out creativity. Here is the step by step process to work out the thought-provoking element of videography!

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Step. 1: Identify and Focus on Your Problem

You need to determine what is the problem that your video wants to resolve. What is the cause that you want your video to address? What do you want your video to convey? What would be the outcome of your video? This is just a basic briefing.

Besides, you can also cover the audience insights into this step.

Step.2: Brainstorm Some Innovative Ideas

Now that you have the briefing about the central concept of your video, you need to invest some time in brainstorming for some innovative ideas! It is not necessarily true that you need to fully execute that creative idea or the idea is an accurate reflection however, you can take main inspiration from that idea.

Some examples of creative ideas are listed as follow:

  • A metaphor comparing your services to a fantasy
  • A conversation video that looks like a talk show
  • Self-promotional video through a personified version of your brand

Though brainstorming is a critical process, you don’t need to do it alone. You can discuss it with people near you or you can ask for views from different people on a certain topic. In this step, you should list all the ideas that come across your mind, no matter how silly or unreal these ideas kay seem! Later on, you have the liberty to choose any single idea. Keep a record of every point and aspect that crosses your mind.

Besides, you can also take inspiration from irrelevant sources and let your mind cross-pollinate. You can even modify or transform ideas that have been featured in other videos.

Step.3: ShortlistCreative Ideas

In this step, you need to shortlist some extraordinary or outstanding ideas from the list of ideas that you have made prior. Here, you can involve your video production team too; to discuss every idea and its crucial aspects. However, you need to be realistic and practical. Select only those ideas that are not only true to your concept and object but could also be executed. Team involvement and consideration of their views are also very crucial in this step. Shortlist ideas by mutual discussion but those should only be 2-3.

Step. 4: Finalize the Main Idea

This is the decision-making step where you have to choose the best idea which you intend to execute. This idea will serve as the leading pathway for the video.

Practically speaking, the real work starts after the finalization of the main idea. No matter, how outstanding your video idea is, it is of no use if you can not execute it well. So, while you are finalizing the main idea for your video, you must pick an idea that you can execute accurately. An idea is nothing without execution. You don’t need to pick a perfect idea, but an appropriate idea that complies with your cause or purpose of the video. Moreover, stick to the idea that you have chosen and do not leave in between despite all the hardships that come along.

Step. 5: Final Execution

Now, this is the real deal! It is such a detailed and specific task that involves every aspect of the video, from visuals to graphics, sound to practicalities, and every single detail that would contribute in the execution of your idea. One can execute the ideas in different ways, there are multiple approaches to execute and produce a video.

For example, one can produce a dance video by:

  • Featuring the original dance moves on a famous song or choreographing exact moves of a famous dance form.
  • Similarly, a training video can be shoot in the style of a famous boxer.
  • Getting an advertisement done by a famous actor as your brand ambassador.

Give Priority to People’s Choice!

Last, but not least, make videos that people would like to watch. The content of your video must resonate with your audience and it should be unique. Besides, the cooler your video would, the more people would be tempted to watch it. Making the difference is in your hands! But, remember video is the most engaging type of content and you can get the maximum audience via innovative and exciting videos. And, your video must also meet the standards of audio/ visual quality, lightning, styling, visual effects, and sound effects, etc.

Creating innovative videos is all fun and exciting if you have got the right tools at your disposal. Tools like VidClipper Video Editor are nothing short of a gift for anyone who wants an easy way around editing their videos to make them entertaining, attractive, and worth going viral!

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