July 2, 2021

The Spy Review: Best Android Phone Spying App 2021

Smart devices are a vital part of this era; everyone has smartphones, tablets, or laptops, from young kids to folks. Technology holds tremendous positive effects in life, but at the same time, it can destroy everyday things. For example, the internet plays a huge role in kids’ lives; they use social media instead of doing healthy activities in their free time.

They have easier access to inappropriate content, such as adult films, addictive games, and other stuff. Besides excessive internet and smart device usage, children face online harassment such as cyberbullying, which leads to bad mental health. As a parent, you can do protection controls on your end, such as install an android spy app. Aside from kids, if you have a remote business, you would want to control your employee from a distance.

And spy app is just the most convenient solution for you. Whatever the reason is, you can prevent dangerous situations through professional spy software for android. Although you might get overwhelmed by the many options available in the market, don’t worry, and get The Spy app for your spy needs. It is the number one choice of people around the world because it offers quality results.

A brief introduction- The Spy:

TheWiSpy is a top-rated android phone tracking app, there are undoubtedly many good spy apps, but none of them are as high-quality as TWS. It has more than 30 advanced features that can offer unlimited functions. You can have control over your employee or child’s smartphone or laptop remotely.

The working of TWS is simple yet effective. The app works in stealth mode. It means tracking is done in the background, and the target won’t know about the installed The Spy app. You can view the online and stored data on the TheWiSpy dashboard once you’ll log in. The main goal of TWS is to offer exceptional results with user ease, and that’s what it provides to every user.

Why would you want The Spy on your phone?

There are a thousand reasons why a person would want to use an android monitoring app, a parent would wish a protective environment for child, or an employer would like to track employees working from their homes. However, before getting a spy app, you should look for essential functions or things.

Such as how many features it offers, is it affordable? Does it satisfy my needs? And is the app user-friendly. Now comes the critical part. The reason why TheWiSpy should be your number one choice is that you can spy on android phone remotely. So, let’s elaborate on it for your better understanding.


TheWiSpy was designed for people of all sorts of technical backgrounds. It has a user-friendly interface that means all the features will function with easy clicks. For example, if you want to spy on your child’s calls, you have to log in to your dashboard and press the call monitoring feature. Then, your job is done; now, the best spy app for android will process and fetch the required information so you can view it.

Affordable plans:

It is sporadic to find a perfect spy app that falls under your budget, and TheWiSpy is the one for you. TWS pricing plans are flexible regarding time and money; get a plan that suits you and start monitoring right away.

Simple installation:

If you are new to hacking and don’t know how advanced technology operates, you should get TheWiSpy. It has a simple installation, follow the steps, and you will have the best spy app to monitor android.

Availability of required features:

What’s the point of purchasing an app if you won’t get the best experience and required features? TheWiSpy is an all-rounder app that means you are getting every basic and advanced quality. You can spy on your child as well as monitor your employee’s using the same app.

Installation of The Spy:

Make sure to get a subscription plan before you install the Spy app on the target device. After that, you will get a confirmation email containing your account details and a link for downloading the app. If you ever get a problem while installing, you can read the detailed guideline available on the official website and attached with the email.

There is a slight restriction before you start monitoring remotely, and that is, to install TWS, you need to get access to the target device. After that, you can open any web browser and start downloading the app; it will take few seconds. After that, the application will hide from the target’s eye, and you can easily track every activity.

Price plans for The Spy:

Keeping in mind various monitoring needs, TheWiSpy cell phone tracking app offers three different subscription plans for users.

Standard plan:

You can subscribe to the standard plan of TheWiSpy; it is flexible in terms of pricing and time. Such as you can get a one-month subscription for $19.99 only. The regular package is also available for three and six-month time frames with different prices.

Starter plan:

If you want to spy for a short time or one time, then start with this plan. You can subscribe to this package for 15-days for just $9.99. In addition, you can enjoy the advanced features of The Spy android spy app.

Premium plan:

Hold tight because you can get advanced and most updated features for just $29.99 per month. In addition, you can extend your subscription if you need more time for spying. TheWiSpy offers one, three, and six-month plans for the premium package. In addition, you can get advanced features such as remote-control commands, call recording, camera spy, and many others.

TheWiSpy supported devices:

TheWiSpy is supported by android devices such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, OPPO, and many more. You can easily install The Spy cell phone tracking app if it has at least 4.0 versions. An integral part of TheWiSpy is that it gets installed without rooting the device. Instead, you can use the URL to install the app in few minutes.

TheWiSpy products:

TheWiSpy has vast functions within a single app; you can use spyware for android for multiple purposes. Such as you can track your children and follow the latest updates on your employee. Here are four products that can best describe The Spy android phone tracking app.

Android spy app:

TheWiSpy is the best spy app to monitor android phones; it has around 30+ advanced features designated for android device tracking. You can get real-time output from the authentic resource through TWS functions. If you are looking to spy on any android device, TheWiSpy is your best option.

Employee monitoring app:

You can monitor your remote working employees with the help of The Spy employee monitoring app. In addition, TheWiSpy offers advanced features to control online activities remotely and send reports if you want.

You can secure your company’s private data and capture traitors. Nothing is wrong when you have the right intention for something—download TheWiSpy android monitoring app on a company-owned device and grow your business.

Parental control app:

TheWiSpy is a top-ranked parental control app; you can remotely monitor your teen’s online or smartphone activity. You can find their live location using the tracker feature in few seconds. You can ensure a safe internet environment for your kid because it is scary for innocent children to encounter cyber threats. You can restrict their activity and can block addictive games.

Mobile tracker:

It doesn’t have to be anyone else’s phone; you can install TheWiSpy best spy app to monitor android on your cell phone. This way, you can track your device in case you lose your phone somewhere. Location tracker is the most promising and used feature of The Spy Android spy app.

The Spy amazing features:

Basic features:

Phone call spy:

TWS provides a phone call spy feature for you, and you can track call history, such as the complete details on the exchanged calls on the target device. It also views further calling information, for example, the call duration and contact details. Thus, it will help you to keep track of the people contacting the target regularly.

SMS spy:

TWS keeps track of exchanged SMS; you can view conversations easily from device text messages to social media DMs. In addition, you can backup texts in the TheWiSpy account and view them even when the target deletes the conversations.

Multimedia control:

You will access all stored multimedia files, including pictures, videos, audio, and documents. You can view these files and backup them in case you want to.

Phone book access:

You can get access to the device’s phone book this way, and you can view all saved contacts. You can delete specific contacts and block callers if someone is harassing your child. In employee monitoring, you can get the caller’s details and find out the deceiving worker.

Memo alert:

You can get memo alerts through TWS, activate the feature from the dashboard, and start getting the latest updates.

Advanced features:

Location Tracker:

You can locate the remote device in few minutes with the help of TheWiSpy best spy app for android location trackers. Moreover, you can get updates through history reports so you know where your child has been.

App monitoring:

Get access to all installed applications on the phone by using this feature, and it allows you to view online activity on the app and offer remote functions such as delete messages and block accounts.


You can put restrictions on specific areas where you don’t want your employee or kid to go. Geo-fencing also offers alerts through messages on the account when the target enters the blocked room.

Web browser history monitor:

View the browser history of your teen by using this advanced feature of the best spy app to monitor. In addition, you can view saved cookies and other searched items through your account.


TheWiSpy stores typed passwords and specific keywords when you activate the key-logger feature. Thus, you can log in to any account you want without any hassle.

Remote feature:

Device remote control:

TheWiSpy offers complete remote control to the user, allowing you to view and delete files and videos. Apart from that, you can view actual-time activity through the TWS account.

Camera spy:

It is the most advanced feature of the spy camera app for android; you can click real-time pictures through the target mobile. For example, you can sit in your house and still get live event pictures through this feature. It is best for spying on employees; you can easily catch the traitor.

Surround recording:

You can listen to the live conversations surrounding the target device, TheWiSpy commands the microphone to start recording, and then the app sends the recorded audio to the account. Then, you can listen to it and save it for later use.

Blocking websites:

You can block inappropriate websites from remote access using The Spy advanced feature.

Wi-Fi logs:

You can remotely control and view Wi-Fi logs, such as seeing the network connection history and their details. You can make changes like block a network.

Concluding thoughts:

TheWiSpy makes monitoring the next level with its advanced and growing functionality. You will get unique features for your spy needs; it is not common to get all features in one app. But TheWiSpy is different, and you can monitor as much as you want in low-prices. You can never find an exceptional android phone tracking app that can offer high-quality results in such pricing.

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