May 30, 2017

5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind When Designing a Business Website

It is a no-brainer to assume that you cannot operate a business in today’s time without a website. Irrespective of how small or big your venture is, you need to host a website that informs your clients and target audience the details of the service or goods offered by you. However, many business owners are not fully aware of how to get on with website development. Unless you have the technical expertise to do it yourself, you will require professional assistance. To begin with, you need to engage a good website designer, who will offer end to end support for your project. Thankfully, platforms like UrbanClap is helping thousands of business owners to connect with proficient professionals in their cities. For example, if you are looking for web designers in Kolkata, UrbanClap will connect you to one from the city.

Even though you have engaged a good web designer for the job, there are key decisions that you will have to make with respect to the functionality and overall look and feel of the website. The website should not only be superior on the design front but should also be high on performance. So, here are 5 things you need to keep in mind when designing a business website

# 1 Narrow on a reliable and desired hosting plan

This is the first step towards developing or designing a website. As you weigh the different hosting options, you will come across the following web hosting types-

Shared web hosting – Ideal for a small or entry-level website that is built with the rationale of informing customers about the different service offered by a business. Reasonable and affordable.

Dedicated web hosting– For e-commerce set-up or websites that will entail any kind of an online transaction with medium to moderate traffic, dedicated web hosting service may seem to be the right choice. Can be expensive and requires technical expertise for website management. Not a perfect choice for independent business owners.

Cloud web hosting – This is ideal for websites that have dynamic needs with massive online traffic. Best suited for all kinds of websites and e-stores. Cost varies depending upon the resources consumed by the website.

# 2 Make sure the website is mobile-ready

According to an internet research company “we are social,” nearly than half of the world’s internet traffic is now via mobile phones. Keeping this trend in mind, you will have to ensure that your website is mobile-ready. This essentially means that the layout and design of the website should be compatible with the small screen size of a smartphone or tablet. All the essential call for action buttons like sign-up, buy call, etc. should be clearly indicated. At the same time, the user engagement of a mobile website should be customized for the tab, touch, and scroll.

Remember that extending impeccable user experience is instrumental in driving in greater traffic or business revenue. It’s important that you discuss this aspect with the web designer in Kolkata or any other city that you hire.

# 3 Pay attention to the branding

Any business is recognized by its brand or logo. Work along with the web designer to ensure that the placement and location of the logo are done appropriately is therefore very important. If required you can also consider hiring a professional designer to create a logo. The colour scheme used in throughout the website must match the logo. Also, the website should clearly indicate the services or goods offered by your website. There should be absolutely no room for confusion. As soon as a user visit the website, he or she should instantly understand your business offering.

# 4 Ensure that the interface is intuitive

The website should not only be easy on the eyes, but should also be seamless to navigate. A confusing and sketchy interface will contribute to poor user experience and it will not encourage a user to visit your website again. Subtle nuances like drawing the attention of the user to the main components of the website like the buy button or product display button should be easy to locate. This is important for not just for bringing in more traffic but also to drive sales.

#5 Make sure only Licenced Images are used

This is an important thing to check with your website designer. Make sure that all the images that are used for the banner and other parts of the websites are authorized. Using unauthorized images can levy penalty and even interfere with the operation of your website. While you can control the quality and originality of the text content, you can’t be certain about the image content. Therefore, be doubly sure about this aspect of the website.

For a dynamic business ecosystem, having a full-fledged business website for your offline venture is very important. It is the face of your business. It contributes to the authenticity of your business, and it is the easiest and cost-effective way to connect with the target audience for your business.

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