March 5, 2022

Things That People Rarely Think of Prior to Picking Unibet’s Mobile App

The fact that online betting is trendy had a massive effect on some online bookmakers’ popularity. Even though some betting websites are only available in one country, companies like Unibet can be accessed worldwide. These places have a license from an international regulator and offer tons of security features. Moreover, Nostrabet recommends Unibet’s mobile app for Android and iOS because it is one of the most advanced gambling applications in the world.

Even though downloading and installing it is easy and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, there are many important aspects that people have to take into account before choosing this brand. Experienced gamblers will know what to check before playing, but others will experience some difficulties. That’s why this article will show you all of the critical things people have to take into consideration before picking Unibet’s mobile application.

The app is not on Google Play.

Before we point out some of the important things related to the app itself, we have to mention that getting this file for Android will require you to complete specific steps. Usually, people who want to download and install an app on this platform have to go to the official store. Google Play is home to millions of applications that people can get in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, you won’t find that many gambling applications there because Google’s regulations are strict, which means only a handful of iGaming platforms can meet them. Sadly, Unibet is not one of the names that do that, which means you will need to find the apk file and download it on your device.

The fact that you have to go through this process means you need to change some of your device’s settings. Once the app is ready to use, it will be just like any application from Google Play.

You can download a separate poker app.

One of the things that people want to check before they choose a given betting site is its options. The in-depth Unibet mobile app review from Nostrabet will show you that the company offers a casino section and a fully-fledged mobile sportsbook. These two things give bettors the option to wager on all kinds of things.

While it is true that the sportsbook and the casino are most punters’ go-to options, Unibet is unique because the platform also offers a fantastic poker section. What’s even more impressive is that there is a stand-alone poker app that you can download on your device.

If you want to play poker while using Unibet’s platform, you will have to register, get the app, and decide which game you want to play. As you can probably guess, the company’s poker client will allow you to play alongside other players, use all sorts of promotions and participate in different tournaments. You can even change your avatar and poker tables, which is something that is not allowed on most poker clients.

You need to have a specific version of Android and iOS.

There are many reasons why some people want to use a given operator’s mobile website. Certain gamblers don’t want to install any files, whereas others want to use a specific platform as fast as possible. Unfortunately, some people are forced to use a given bookie/casino’s mobile site simply because their smartphone or tablet does not meet the minimum system requirements for the mobile app.

Even though Unibet is not one of the iGaming companies that require you to have the most powerful device on the market, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind when it comes down to your OS. People who want to use Apple’s mobile operating system should have at least iOS 9. Thanks to Nostrabet’s review of the Unibet mobile app, we know that this OS version was released a couple of years ago, so those with iPhone 7 and above shouldn’t have any problems.

Even though there are many iOS users out there, most mobile betting fans prefer Android. In this case, their device needs to have Android 4.1 or one of the newer versions. Similar to Apple’s platform, this version of Android is a couple of years old. Consequently, most online bettors should be able to download and install it.

Some of the withdrawal options you will have access to will require you to wait up to a few days.

Besides the unique gambling sections, bonuses, and all of the other features, Unibet is also known for providing mobile and desktop clients with a smooth betting experience. The company achieves that by offering a couple of popular payment solutions, such as e-wallets, bank wire transfers, and credit/debit cards. Most of them allow online bettors to make a withdrawal, but unlike deposits which usually happen right away, punters have to wait up to a couple of days to complete a withdrawal request.

Aside from the processing time, making a withdrawal at Unibet is possible only if you meet the minimum requirement. Usually, the payment solutions will allow you to use them if you have at least 15 EUR. However, this condition might change in the future, which is why it is important to keep an eye on the payment section before you decide which option to put to the test.

Some of the casino games you may have access to while using the app could look different.

The last crucial thing that we have to point out in this article is related to using the casino. Despite the fact that some people prefer to utilize Unibet for its sportsbook, others focus on the casino section because it is home to a vast array of titles. The Unibet mobile review from Nostrabet shows that you can experience tons of games, regardless of what you want to bet on. However, some of them might look slightly different on your mobile screen than on the desktop site.

The main reasons you may encounter these differences are the screen size and the fact that the specific casino software supplier hasn’t optimized his products. If you come across such a game, you have to get used to it or simply choose a different title.

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