March 5, 2022

This Is How You Can Download and Install the William Hill App and Use the Operator’s Mobile Site

The fact that most online betting websites look the same and offer similar services shouldn’t come as a surprise. Nowadays, bookies try to copy each other because a couple of brands found the success formula. That’s the reason why you can find the same features, a lot of cool bonuses, and other perks.

With that being said, online betting operators like William Hill are more popular than others because they have one of the oldest and most respected platforms. What’s even more impressive is that by clicking here, you’d be able to download the William Hill app from Nostrabet and use this world-class bookie’s services everywhere you go. This is a massive plus for punters who don’t have enough time to visit one of William Hil’s betting shops in the UK or use the company’s desktop website.

Betting on the go is the new trend in iGaming, but only a couple of companies provide their clients with apps for iOS and Android. Fortunately, Willaim Hill is one of the most impressive online betting platforms, which is why the company offers world-class apps and even a unique mobile site. This means that mobile clients have the freedom to pick from a wide array of options.

The app for Android

Although the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry, Google managed to catch up to Apple and even surpassed them in terms of popularity. Therefore, don’t be surprised that many online bettors use Android devices to wager on the go.

Despite the fact that William Hill is a brand with traditions in standard online betting, the company realized the importance of staying up to date with the newest technology. As a result, it decided to create a fully-fledged mobile application for the world’s most prominent mobile operating system.

While it is true that some users might have access to it via Google Play, others need to complete a couple of essential steps before getting it. For starters, online punters have to open William Hill’s website on their devices, which can happen using any mobile browser. After that, punters will need to find the special download link and select the Android option. Those who complete these steps will download an apk file, which has to be installed.

This is where it gets exciting because installing an apk file is easier said than done. Users who want to avail themselves of this option have to check their device’s settings, find the option called “unknown sources,” and enable it. This will allow their Android device to download and install apps from sources outside of Google Play.

Once this feature is active, it is time to head back to the apk file and open it. The installation process will probably take a couple of seconds, but it might last a few minutes, depending on what device you’re using. Speaking of the devil, you should be able to use the William Hill mobile app for Android from Nostrabet on a wide range of smartphones.

William Hill for iOS

Android is the most popular operating system for online betting because billions of people worldwide use it daily. However, it is not the only option because there are a couple of other alternatives to pick from. One of them is iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, which is only available on the iPhone.

If you are among the many iPhone users in your country, you will have the chance to download and install the William Hill app for this OS. To do that, you will need to open the App Store and type the operator’s name. Unlike people who use Android, those with iOS devices do not need to download and install any additional files.

Once the William Hill iOS app shows up, you need to select the “Get” button. This is where you might need to authorize the process by providing a password or using Face ID or Touch ID. After you complete these steps, your iPhone will start downloading the app. What’s even more impressive is that it will install it once it is ready, which means you don’t need to change any settings on your device.

The entire procedure might take up to a couple of minutes, depending on your internet speed. Once everything is ready, you can use your existing account or sign up and start using one of the best online betting operators in the world.

People who don’t want to download and install any apps can also bet on the go

If you are among the online bettors who don’t want to download and install any apps, you can also use William Hill’s services. Thanks to Nostrabet’s review regarding the William Hill app, we know that the company also provides a fully-fledged website that is optimized for mobile users. In other words, people who think they will have problems with the app or simply don’t want to complete the steps mentioned above can also utilize this iGaming company to its full potential.

The main thing that differentiates the mobile app from the website is the fact that there is no need to install any files. Even though people can create a web application, this is not mandatory to access William Hill’s site. Every online punter with a smartphone or a tablet can easily access the UK’s leading mobile site and start wagering.

Keep in mind that people who use William Hill’s mobile website do not need to create a new account. What’s more, they can utilize the same bonuses that make this online bookmaker one of the best in the world. The same applies to the features, online sports betting categories, and everything else offered by this iGaming brand. To put it another way, the apps and the mobile site offer the same things.


Every online bettor has to decide whether getting the William Hill app for iOS and Android is worth it. Even though they offer almost the same thing as the mobile site, this might not be the case in the future. Most online punters like the app, so we won’t be surprised if this iGaming company releases new updates and adds extra features for its mobile app clients.

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