June 7, 2021

ThriftBooks Review: A Place to Buy New and Used Books

If you’re a bookworm, you know that buying books can be expensive, especially if you buy brand-new ones from the bookstore. Fortunately, book resellers and secondhand shops make reading more accessible. Thanks to these booksellers, you can browse piles upon piles of books, many of which are still in excellent condition for only half the original price.

But sometimes, going to a physical store can be tiring because there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find the book you’re looking for. After all, the store’s stock or inventory varies and depends on its sources. If you’re lucky, you’ll find exactly what you need—but this isn’t always the case. Thankfully, you no longer have to limit yourself to this. The existence of eCommerce has completely changed the game for most industries and businesses, and this includes secondhand bookselling.

This review will discuss ThriftBooks, an online platform where you can browse and purchase new and used books. Whether you’re a student, a parent, or just your average book lover, ThriftBooks is the kind of website you can lose yourself in.

What Is ThriftBooks?

As mentioned, ThriftBooks is a website where you can find amazing deals on new and used books. The company was founded in 2003 and started by selling used books on Amazon. However, the company eventually expanded its reach throughout the country and hired hundreds of employees. ThriftBooks operates under its own website and is considered one of the biggest independent used booksellers today. That said, ThriftBooks hasn’t forgotten its roots, which is why it still continues to sell books on Amazon and other marketplaces like Abe and eBay.

Social Responsibility

According to the ThriftBooks website, the company has a social responsibility that’s organized into 3 core tenets: charitable support, environmental impact, and literacy. Ever since ThriftBooks was established all those years ago, the company has made an effort to buy books from charities. So far, ThriftBooks has already given over $100 million to its charity partners through buying books from them.

ThriftBooks receives thousands of books on a daily basis, and many of these are sold and shipped to different people from all walks of life. In addition, if there are any materials that ThriftBooks can’t use, the company will send them to recycling plants. Lastly, ThriftBooks partners with non-profit organizations to give to underserved communities. These include prison libraries, international literacy programs, and Title I schools.

Library Partnership

ThriftBooks also has a Library Partnership Program, where libraries can sell to the company books they want to take off their shelves. Through this Partnership Program, ThriftBooks can gain used books that are of good quality, which it will then resell to readers from all over the world. Programs like this are great because they can help reduce waste significantly—instead of throwing away books you no longer want or need, ThriftBooks can help your beloved books find a new home.

On the other hand, if the book is completely unusable, then ThriftBooks will find a way to recycle them because, as mentioned, ThriftBooks has a social responsibility.


If you also have a bookstore for used books or if you just want to buy books in bulk for any reason, ThriftBooks also offers wholesale purchases. If you buy from ThriftBooks, an Account Manager from the company will cooperate and communicate with you to ensure you get the kind of books and quality that fits your business model. ThriftBooks has wholesale fulfillment centers across the country, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Reno, Chicago, and others.

Book Conditions

Each book sold on ThriftBooks is rated and categorized by a staff member. The books will also have condition ratings, so you know what to expect if you purchase the book.

  • New: As the rating implies, the book you’ll receive is unused, unread, and completely brand-new.
  • Like New: This one wouldn’t be considered new, but the book would still be in perfect condition. It’s also unread, as the dust cover will still be intact.
  • Very Good: Books given this condition rating will have already been read in the past, but it still remains in excellent condition. The pages are clean and won’t have any notes or highlights marring them.
  • Good: The spine may not be perfect, but the copy in general remains in clean condition. Some books may have highlights and notes, along with labels from previous owners.
  • Acceptable: This copy will have all the pages intact, but the dust cover may no longer be available. Fortunately, everything should still be readable.
  • ThriftBooks Deal: Books that are tagged with “Deal” are usually rated Good or Acceptable.


If you don’t mind purchasing books with notes from previous owners, then ThriftBooks is a wonderful place to find affordable reading material. However, if you do mind and would prefer something brand-new, ThriftBooks is still worth browsing anyway. Remember always to check the tags and condition ratings to know what to expect once your order arrives.

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