January 7, 2021

Tips And Tricks When Using The Internet

The technology of today never stops impressing on us. It doesn’t matter if we think we understand a program to its fullest. We can still find out new features that help us using it even better. It’s not only about using it in a better way, but also about saving time and being more efficient in our usage. According to www.statista.com there are 4.66 billion people worldwide actively using the Internet. India is the second-largest online market in the world, with close to 600 million internet users.

This article is written with the purpose of enlightening all of us using the Internet frequently about how we can maximize our usage. There is a bunch of interesting and useful tricks that most of us don’t know or think about. May it be work-related or privately, we can guarantee that you will find out at least one or two things about the Internet that you didn’t know.

Useful shortcuts

First, we will go through some of the most useful shortcuts we recommend that you start using. A lot of people think that shortcuts are only used in programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office programs like Word. This is of course false; the Internet has close to an unlimited number of shortcuts you can use. We have no doubts that if you implement these shortcuts in your everyday usage, you will speed up your Internet ways drastically. Let’s start off with a simple one, shall we?

Restore a browser tab that you closed

We’ve all been through this, either when we work or when we just browse around on the Internet. We sit there, with a bunch of different tabs and suddenly we manage to exit the wrong tab. Of course, you could go into the browser history and scroll through all the sites you visited to find the website you just closed. However, this is not the most efficient way to do it.

As the case many times is in the computer world, the way to enhance your experience is using shortcuts. All you need to do is press Command + Shift + T on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + T on PC. The tab you just shut down will magically appear again.

Speaking of useful shortcuts related to the internet, did you know that if you press Ctrl + Tab you jump between the different tabs? Alt + Home brings you to the homepage and Ctrl + H lets you see your browsing history. We strongly recommend that you implement these shortcuts when you’re making your way around the Internet. Especially if you are a person that spends a lot of your working time there, you will save a lot of time.

Online gambling

Another area that the tech industry has put its innovative hands-on is the online gambling industry. Comparing the way which gambling used to look like to the way most of us gamble now is truly mind-blowing. For example, gambling online gives you an amazing opportunity to simply not having to dress up. Just imagine, you can lie on your couch dressed comfortably, and win money. Back in the day, you would have to use most of your money on expensive clothes to even be let into a casino.

But feeling relaxed at your home is just a small perk compared to all the amazing possibilities in online gambling today. The technology of today has given us an insane amount of bonuses and a vast number of different games and gambling companies to choose from. See for yourself on Gambling Times, especially if you’re into Indian gambling. The tip here is simply to use this kind of service to find the most suitable gambling site for you.

Use an image to search on Google

Usually, when we want to find out something, we go to www.google.com and write our questions in the search bar. However, if you have an image on your computer and you don’t know what it depicts it might be hard to describe the image in words. If you run into this problem, simply drag the image onto your Google Chrome browser. After that, you right-click on the picture and choose “search on google for image”. A remarkably simple and smart way to quickly find the source of your image.

Maximize the way you use YouTube

This video sharing platform has turned out to become an enormous business. The richest YouTuber from India is the comedian Bhuvan Bam, who made a fortune from his channel. India has a remarkable number of 265 million active users on YouTube, which tells you how big of a platform it is.

In our opinion, this website is underrated in terms of what you can do with the platform. When social platforms are being brought up, whether it’s Instagram or different online casinos, YouTube should be getting more recognition. In this last segment, we’d like to account for some of the most useful things you can implement when using YouTube.

Send a time link to your friends

This is probably one of the most known features of YouTube, but since it’s so useful we must mention it. Occasionally when you are watching a longer video, something happens in the middle of it that you’d like for your friends to see. Sending them the whole clip and forcing them to find the right time is not very nice. Therefore, YouTube implemented a feature where you can make your sent clip start at the time of your choice.

The process of doing this is simple. All you need to do is go to the “share” button and underneath all the different social media, you can see the link. Under the link, there is a box and a text saying “start at” with another box on the right side of it. Simply tick the left box and write the time which you want the clip to start in the right box. This is way more convenient and limits the room for misconceptions while sharing your favorite moments.

Have fun with GIFs

How about we wrap this article up with a bit of fun? GIFs are certainly getting more attention every day. However, not many people are aware that you can make your own GIFs while using YouTube. Go to your clip and write “gif” before the URL name. This will send you to a website where you can edit your video and create GIFs from it. When you’re done, sharing them is easy. We highly recommend this to all the GIF lovers out there.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to always try to maximize how you use the Internet. Whether you are browsing through your Internet browser or wasting time on an Indian online casino, there are always ways to improve the experience. Reading update releases on your favorite websites and apps is a good way to keep up with all the new features. These companies are always working on making the user experience better and we should take advantage of that.

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