July 9, 2021

Tips for Building Your Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is an important thing that you need to have in your account. It can save a lot of your money when you are in any emergency situation that you may have in your life. However, some people may have difficulties when they are trying to build their emergency fund. It is recommended for you to have at least 3 – 6 months’ worth of expenses as your emergency fund. In this article, we are going to share with you some actionable steps that you can try from your home. It is not difficult for you to follow these easy and simple steps below.

Create some small-sized goals

This is the first thing that you need to know. Depending on your salary, you can set up your achievable goals in the next couple of months. You can start with an initial target and you can work hard for achieving that goal. For example, you can target at least P10,000 first before you can start creating another bigger goal. It is necessary for you to give yourself some time, so you can stay consistent in your effort. No one can expect you to have your emergency fund to be ready within a few months.

Open a separate account for your emergency fund

If you want to achieve your target goals faster, you can consider following this tip. You can consider opening a separate account for your emergency fund. Your emergency saving account needs to be different from your regular saving account. It will create your own psychological wall between your saving and the money that you are going to spend every month. It will also help you track your money easily. Avoid combining both emergency funds and your monthly expenses in the same account.

Automate the deposit process

This step is another recommended tip that you can follow now. Instead of putting your deposit manually, you can consider automating the deposit process for building your emergency fund. You can make the process of building up your emergency fund effortless and easy. You can save a lot of your time when you follow this step. You can treat it like paying a bill that you are going to pay every month. Most banks will allow their customers to make an automatic transfer to other accounts that they want. You can talk to your bank officer to automate your saving process.

Save more money whenever you have extra money in your account

If you have strong goals in your mind, you can consider following this tip for building up your emergency fund. There are some events when you are going to get additional money in your account. You may receive tax refunds, cash gifts, Christmas bonuses, 13th-month payments, etc. This extra cash can be saved directly into your emergency fund, so you can reach your goals quickly. The more money you can save in your emergency account, the faster you can build up your emergency fund for yourself and your family

Always review your budget every month

If you still have difficulties in building up your emergency fund deposit, you can consider this easy step. You can take a look at the cash flow in your account. From this step, you can check out where you can cut down your monthly expenses and boost your income. You may find out that you are spending too much of your money on some take-outs, extra clothes, or unnecessary spending habits. Then, you can also learn how you can set up your budget, so you can manage your budget every month wisely.

There are many other useful tips that you can follow, so you can manage your budget for building up your emergency fund easily. The earlier you can start saving your money for your emergency fund, the sooner you are able to reach your goals. This emergency fund needs to be collected as soon as possible, so you can avoid spending a lot of your money covering your emergency situations. When it is necessary, you can also talk to professional financial advisers. They will be ready to give you some advice, so you can build up your emergency fund quickly. You can also use an app for paying your bills and managing your budget conveniently.

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