November 22, 2019

Tips to Boost Your Productivity as a Blogger

Blogging is one of the most trending marketing strategies, along with a developing profession for most people these days. Writing and producing content does not cost much; however, it does take a lot of effort and time as well as a piece of your productivity every day. Blogging can be done through many social websites and mediums; however, there can be some drawbacks for bloggers.

Blogging drains a lot of your energy; it requires an online presence and consistent productivity even on days when you feel low. You need to be able to manage through schedules, deadlines, engagement with the audience, etc. Dealing with so much can be very stressful and can sometimes affect the productivity of bloggers. The following are some tips that will boost the productivity of bloggers and enable them to become better content creators.

1. Create a Writing Schedule 

It’s a common misconception to believe that the more blogs you post, the more traffic or engagement you will get by the audience. Sometimes, the audience also ignores spam posts because of loss of interest. Because of this, you need to arrange your posts to be not only posted from time to time but also to create informative and better content. You can create your own writing schedule, pick days when to write, and when to post, this will increase your productivity, as well as your traffic on the blog.

2. Plan Your Ideas 

Organizing your thoughts is an important part of blogging. Many a time, you come up with a lot of ideas that either do not connect or you get confused while practically developing them. Map your ideas, create a flow chart. Remember to jot down all the easy parts first.

3. Increase Focus on Creating Content through Avoiding Distractions

For social media bloggers, one thing that interrupts the productive thought process is to be distracted through social media. Spending time on such distractions can leave you with very little time to write, and thus cause stress while creating content. Try to set timers for blocking the sites you spend the most time on.

4. Plan, Write, and Edit Content Separately

A lot of bloggers plan their content and write them at the same time to edit it and complete their pieces. However, this can be very time- consuming and draining. Spending too much time on one same thing can cause you to lose interest, overlook small details and errors, which can only be seen if you separate the process. Try planning your content separately, writing them on another paper, and edit them later.

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5. Get Enough Sleep

This element of productivity in bloggers cannot be stressed enough. Almost all bloggers have a day-job separately aside from blogging, which drains their energy and causes them to stay awake to create content. This can be very damaging not only to the health of the bloggers as well as for their productivity. It is important to get enough sleep to wake up with a fresh mind.

6. Create Content for Blog Posts in Advance

One of the best tips for bloggers is to create content in advance. This can be done in periods when you are free and feel productive, and you have time on your hands, such as on weekends. Creating content weeks in advance will save you from disrupting your routine as well as boost your productivity. Good blogging runs on advance created content; it leaves time for the bloggers to relax and revise their content as well.

7. Develop an Editorial Calendar

Blogging can become disorganized almost very easily because of the rush of deadlines, engagement, reaching the audience, etc. Try creating an editorial calendar that will help you keep track of the ideas and content in the process and when to post them. If you cannot make these yourself, there are sites like Trello which let you use their calendars for free.

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8. Reuse Content by Upgrading

One of the best hacks for productivity in blogging is to upgrade old content and use it for new purposes. Repurposing content maximizes the potential of content. It requires only some features to be used as good as new. For instance, doubling the word count of an article, adding new images, changing the heading and sub-headings of the content, adding a new blog cover, etc.

9. Get Ideas from Shared Content and Trending Topics

It is not always important for your ‘ideas’ to be original. A lot of blogging is done based on trending topics and shared articles from other websites to increase the interest of the audience with different posts. If you are busy or are feeling low on the productivity scale, you can share the content of any existing content from another site that is relevant to the audience. Connect it to any idea of yours or argue about it on your blog.

10. Create Your Own Template

You might have noticed, bloggers always have their own tone of writing, a set of aesthetics, as well as a pattern of creating content. This unique style is a bonus for bloggers who are looking for productivity hacks. You can create your own template and utilize it for future posts. This will save you time as well as create a pattern for you to think things over quickly and create content. This pattern can involve headings, subheadings, font, etc.


It is a general idea that being a blogger is a very easy job; however, creating content and coming up with ideas consistently can be very hectic. This stress can cause a lot of people to quit the field of blogging as well. Being productive all the time is impossible, which is why rest and sleep are just as important for bloggers as any new idea. One of the most important things to remember in blogging is to do things in advance, take rest, and do things according to your own taste and style; this will keep you motivated and boost your productivity.

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