October 19, 2015

Top 10 DLNA Streaming Apps For Your iPhone and iPad

Everything is becoming digital in the current era of the digital world. Even, our government is planning to make Digital India in order to connect entire country digitally. Do you know what is DLNA? Before listing out the best DLNA streaming apps, let me explain you little about it. DLNA stands for “Digital Living Network Alliance” which is an international group of organizations that include numerous consumer electronic manufacturers. All these organizations have set some standards and guidelines in order to let DLNA devices to share the media files like music, videos, pictures,etc., over a home network. In short, DLNA aims to combine all your multimedia gadgets to make them work collectively despite the restraints they hold. 

dlna apps for iphone and ipad

Once a device gets a DLNA certification and connected to a home network, then it is capable of communicating with other DLNA certified devices over the home network. As we all know, Apple is one of the giant companies that manufactures smart electronics and gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod and many more capable of streaming to other devices. Suppose, if you want to stream any of your desired videos from your Laptop to your TV. Then, it is possible whenever the devices are connected over a network with a streaming app on your Apple TV or other devices like iPhone or iPad. So, for that purpose, I have compiled a list of best DLNA streaming apps for your iPhone or iPad. Have a look!

Top 10 DLNA Streaming Apps for your iPhone or iPad

Major electronics company usually uses this term on their products. You can easily communicate with each other on DLNA enabled devices, no matter the brand of the device. You can stream media from a PC to a smartphone, PC to PC, PC to a TV and vice versa. As there are limited devices that enable DLNA, I have come up with a slew of DLNA streaming apps that allow you to stream from one device to other DLNA compatible devices. Here are the Top 10 DLNA streaming apps for your Apple iPhone and iPad.

1. SmartStor Fusion

Smartstor Fusion Stream DLNA Digital Media App is one of the best DLNA Streaming Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that allows you to stream audio files, pictures, videos and music files. All types of media files that are stored on your iPhone within this app can be streamed to any other device enabled with DLNA.

SmartStor Fusion Stream - DLNA app for iPhone

Digital Media Controller is the best component of Fusion stream that allows you to browse the content which is stored on Digital media server and it is capable of controlling playback device remotely. The major issue with this app is that, sometimes it crashes abruptly.

Features of Smartstor Fusion Stream

  • Stream Pictures, Music and Video files from one device to other devices.
  • The interface of this app is very easy to use.
  • Supports uploading of any media files to this app from your iPhone.
  • Allows you to create, save and load playlists in a remote way.
  • You can also retrieve uploaded content from the app to your iPhone.

Download Smartstor Fusion

2. Media:connect

Media:connect is the most widely used DLNA streaming apps for iPhone and iPad. Through this app, you can stream a host of files from one device to other devices in an easy way. You can also stream various files that include High Definition video, SHOUTcast radio, and FLAC audio. It is a free app that is available on iTunes Store who wish to stream to any DLNA enabled device.

Media - Content

It is user-friendly that has versatile features with basic settings. It allows various formats to stream from one device to another DLNA enables devices. It can be easily operated by anyone. The device can be controlled remotely using a built-in digital media renderer.

Features of Media:connect

  • Allows you to Stream Pictures, Music and Video files from one device to other devices.
  • Supports to stream all media formats and TV output for video playback.
  • You can download media while streaming and even after disconnection.
  • Allows you to compress digital audio without loss of quality using FLAC audio Codec.

Download Media:connect

3.  BUZZ Player

BUZZ Player is another best app for those who are looking good DLNA streaming apps for iPhone. It supports various audio and video codec, file formats, and various streaming protocols. It plays videos and audio with high fidelity HD quality. It also allows you to connect your device to the internet through cellular networks such as GPRS, EGPRS, and 3G network.

Buzz Player

It is a versatile DLNA app that supports various media formats including container formats such as MP3, RealAudio, Shorten, Speex, Vorbis, WMA, Bink; Video Formats: MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, etc.

Features of BUZZ Player

  • It supports High-Definition (HD) video playback.
  • Supports various protocols such as HTTP, FTP, RTP, RTSP, MMS, etc., that allows you to play media files from local servers as well as remote servers and devices.
  • It has a built-in internet browser and network browser.
  • You’ll get subtitles in many languages and provides various settings.

Download BUZZ Player

4. Air Player

AirPlayer is a DLNA streaming apps for iPhone that can stream music, pictures and videos on your iPhone from DLNA media servers. It is a pretty good streaming app for your iPhone and iPad, where you can access media files from Windows 7 to your DLNA, enabled iPhone directly.

Air Player

Air Player also supports various media formats to be streamed from your device. The main drawback of this app is that it does not allow streaming media in HD quality. There is an auto refresh facility through which you can easily discover digital media servers on the local network.

Features of Air Player

  • You can connect to a server for easily streaming your data on your iPhone.
  • Provides support for streaming almost all media formats.
  • It also supports for photo browser, photo thumbnails of a media file to search media instantly.

Download Air Player

5. Media Link Player

MLPlayer stands for Media Link Player which is one of the best DLNA Streaming apps for your iPhone and iPad. It allows various streaming media files that are stored in DLNA servers directly from your iPhone. It supports streaming various media files like pictures, music and videos from Windows server and other NAS Media link player. It is available in two different versions in which one is lite and the other is a full version.

ML player

ML player streams video, audio and images with fairly good quality. Coming to videos, it supports H264 HQ video and it can stream a host of audio formats. It has an Image viewer that supports multiple functions like rotating images, thumbnail viewer, slideshow and many more.

Features of ML Player

  • It allows media playback from media servers on your iPhone along with digital TV with the support of Digital Media Renderer.
  • It supports multitasking and background music playback for various iOS devices.
  • It supports various formats for music such as WAVE, AIFF, Apple lossless, etc.

Drawbacks of Media Link Player

  • Does not support terrestrial digital media contents playback.
  • Requires Wi-Fi for using ML player.

Download ML Player [Update: This link is no longer available.]

6. 8player

8player is the latest DLNA streaming app for iPhone that allows you to stream Video, Music and images from any DLNA/UPnP server. It supports a wide variety of media file formats. A user can access the media content directly from iPhone and use this app as a remote control for any DLNA compatible player.


Supported Media File Formats

Video: mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp, avi, mkv, mpg, wmv, asf, flv, ogg, vob

Audio: mp3, aac, wav, aif, alac, flac, wma

Images: jpeg, png, gif, bmp, ico, tiff

Features of 8Player

  • It is very easy to use and user-friendly application.
  • It supports various iOS devices and also supports AirPlay.
  • Background audio playback, and Playback over 3G network.
  • It supports subtitles in almost all languages.

Download 8Player

7. ConnectR

ConnectR is another best DLNA streaming apps that support various media file formats to stream from one device to other DLNA compatible devices. It has a slew of features and is capable of streaming to any DLNA enabled device over 10000 internet radio stations. It has an inbuilt Radio streaming functionality so that you can choose and stream any radio station.


You can select any radio station, steam and control media from a local computer, server or NAS device that provides control of DAB and FM radios. It has amazing features that allow you to use ConnectR in the best way.

Features of ConnectR

  • It comes with an in-built Radio streaming facility providing access to over 10,000 internet radio stations and Podcast services.
  • It has an Auto-detect functionality which is capable of detecting the modes supported on the radio and configures the app screens according to the requirements.
  • It also allows streaming music files from local servers or NAS devices.

Download ConnectR

8. DiXiM DMC

DiXim DMC is the best streaming player that allow you to stream MPEG-4 format with high quality and great stability. It can also stream audio and still images from any DLNA/ UPnP server on the network to your iPhone.


You can also stream content on the Playback your media, Play List Management and provides Easy to View preview before sending to the renderer.

Features of DiXiM DMC 

  • It supports few media file formats like MPEG-4 for videos and for audio, it supports MP3, AAC. For images, it supports JPEG, PNG.
  • It provides high-quality output with a great stability.
  • It has a DiXiM Media Server from which media files can be streamed on any iPhone.
  • It also allows streaming of media files from local servers.

Download DiXiM DMC

9. Onkyo Remote

Onkyo Remote app is an old DLNA streaming app that allows music streaming. It can also be used as remote control for Onkyo network A/V receivers. It is an All-in-one app that is capable of streaming music and remote control for your A/V station.

Onkyo Remote

You can directly select music from the DLNA compatible server. You can stream audio files which are fully controlled from a DLNA compatible server.

Features of Onkyo Remote

  • It allows to stream files in an efficient, stable and fully controlled manner.
  • It provides general remote-control button operations with a unique volume control operation and an accelerometer.
  • The app is compatible with iPhones and iOS 4.2 or later devices.

Download Onkyo Remote

10. PlugPlayer

PlugPlayer app is completely a streaming app where you can stream media files from one device to other DLNA enabled devices. You can also stream media files to any iPhone device directly from the iCloud.


It is a stable DLNA streaming app which is most user-friendly that can stream anything. It also supports AirPlay.

Features of PlugPlayer

  • Allows driving pictures, videos, music from the built-in server or from external servers to Media Renderers or AirPlay supported devices.
  • It allows streaming data directly from iCloud into your iPhone.
  • PlugPlayer provides advanced device configuration, which allows you to stream music and video from remote servers or VPN.
  • PlugPlayer ensures that your device servers are discoverable by other media renderer.

Download PlugPlayer

These are the top 10 best DLNA streaming apps that let you stream media files from your Apple products like iPhone and iPad to other DLNA enabled devices. Hope this complete list of DLNA streaming apps for your iPhone and iPad helps you in the best way to choose the best app to stream media files from your iPhone to other Apple products. Enjoy Streaming!

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