July 27, 2022

Top 10 Movies On Drug And Alcohol Addiction You Should Check Out

There are movies that will inspire someone. This can be working a dream job or career. Or it could help them overcome something like alcohol or drug addiction.

This guide lists the top ten movies based on drugs and alcohol addiction. We highly recommend that you check these out. If you or someone you know is dealing with addiction, getting the help needed as soon as possible is important.

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My Name is Bill W.

The first one is based on the life of Bill W., the man behind ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’. Based on a true story, it tells the story of a man who fell into an alcoholic addiction after his life was turned upside down by the 1929 stock market crash and the eventual Great Depression.

James Woods plays Bill W. while screen legend James Garner plays a supporting role as Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith. This documents the formation of AA and how ‘Friends of Bill W.’ became a worldwide phenomenon.

Clean and Sober

The 1988 film starring Michael Keaton tells the story of a salesman with a cocaine habit. He begins to check into rehab after embezzling money from his place of work and wakes up beside a girl who had overdosed on drugs.

During his time in rehab, he enjoys being anonymous and receives help from his counselor. But he finds love with a fellow rehab attendee. With his life turning around, he sees a future without the use of drugs.


This police film features Jennifer Jason Leigh as a police detective who partners alongside an undercover investigator. Both work together to take down a drug boss. However, Cates begins to develop a drug addiction of her own (despite having to partake in drugs with the dealer present).

Her addiction was created by force and not by her own volition. Cates’ partner also develops a drug addiction, and they decide to overcome it together.

Basketball Diaries

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a high school basketball star that begins a heroin addiction as a way to cope with the loss of his best friend. After his heroin stash is discovered, his mother gets kicked out of his home. He then turns to desperate measures, including prostitution and associating himself with drug dealers.

His mother eventually turns him in, and he undergoes a change where he is sober upon release from prison.

Beautiful Boy

Steve Carrell may be known for his comedy roles. But he does a great job in his role as the father of a drug addict. He attempts to help his son get over his addiction to crystal meth.

This movie is a must-watch because it focuses on the negative realities of drug addiction, including loss of life. The struggle of drug addiction really shows in this film.


Denzel Washington plays Captain Whip Whittaker, an airline pilot that crashes a plane while under the influence of alcohol. He also learned that he used cocaine to help keep him awake after a long night of partying.

Six people lost their lives in the crash, and one of the Whip’s co-pilots ended up in a coma. While his drug addiction affected his professional life, it also seeps into his personal life as well. He deals with relationship issues with his girlfriend, who is also battling an addiction of her own.

After admitting to being high during the plane crash and showing up for a hearing on the matter, he is arrested.

Everything Must Go

Will Ferrell plays Nick Halsey, who battles alcoholism. He loses his job after he shows up for work drunk like he has numerous times. To make matters worse, his wife leaves him because of his addiction.

The movie talks about alcoholism and how it can affect someone’s professional and personal life. This may be relatable to many who have been in the same position as Halsey himself. It’s also a wake up call for those who may be reconsidering their addiction to alcohol and wanting to begin a new life.

Home Run

A professional baseball player named Cory begins abusing alcohol, leading to his professional career coming to a halt. This Christian-themed film also focuses on how alcoholism can also put family members at risk.

Cory enters rehab and conquers alcoholism. He begins his new life by building his current relationships while forming new ones. If you are someone who is a believer in God or want to see how addiction affects people from the view of Christianity, this is a must-watch film.

28 Days

Sandra Bullock plays Gwen, a newspaper columnist who deals with an alcohol problem. She shows up to work late and doesn’t look well taken care of. Gwen also ruins her sister’s wedding by making a speech while drunk and destroying the reception in the process.

She steals a car and crashes it into a house. During her court appearance, Gwen has to choose between jail or 28 days in rehab. She opts for rehab, where she meets a fellow patient named Eddie.

As she finishes her rehab stint, she begins rebuilding her relationships and starts a new life with Eddie.

A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper plays a musician who is dealing with his own alcoholism. This causes friction for both personal and professional life. All while he is helping an aspiring singer make it big.

The movie is yet another glimpse into the struggle of alcoholism and how it can affect one person’s life. People struggling with addiction will often find themselves in worse situations, and their lives could end tragically.

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