July 2, 2021

Top 3 Mobile Apps For Sports Fans In Actuality

Let’s paint a pretty image for a second. You’re an avid sports fan, one who thoroughly enjoys being on top of all the events, scores, information, sports betting trends, stats, and all other tidbits that the sporting world has to offer. While before you would have to resort to tv or written media outlets, as well as online media outlets, now with the evolution and consolidation of mobile technologies and mobile devices, sports fans are now able to have all the information they desire as well as do whatever they want sports-related by simply downloading one of the many popular mobile sports apps around.

With mobile sporting apps covering basically all sports in the globe, we break down which are the absolute best sports-related apps to have on your smart mobile device to always be on top of all the information, stats, and scores from your favorite leagues, teams, and athletes.

Bleacher Report

Just like when ESPN busted out into the news media scene back in the early ’90s, Bleacher Report has become one of the most important sports news platforms in the past 15 years. Of course with the importance, this platform has gathered over time as one of the major front runners in the sports media industry it was only right that they would also have one of the absolute best sports apps in the world of mobile media. Bleacher Report has always been known for its consistent stride to offer breaking news sporting articles, injury reports, scores, stats, odds, and predictions, and basically anything and everything available and newsworthy in the world of professional sports.

With the Bleacher Report app, sporting fans are able to stay updated on all and every single aspect of their favorite teams, leagues, events, and athletes from the comfort of their phones or smart mobile devices. The creators of the app have made it a point to make it as user friendly as possible by allowing fans the possibility to have real-time interactions with their favorite authors as well as being able to have alarms and updates on every time something new is published regarding a specific team, athlete or game going on.

Yahoo Sports

There once was a time where Yahoo ruled the world that is the Internet. Those times are now gone and with Yahoo now becoming more of an afterthought for most of the regular internet users around, with their email services and online directory features mostly left as aspects to reminisce on, their news outlet division has become a front runner as one of the best outlets for news around. Their sports media outlet has gathered high praises from fans all around and their mobile sports news app has been recognized over and over again as one of the best in the world.

This app uses a clean and very simple user interface that is all about efficiency as well as approachability for users both old and new. One of the best services the app offers is for fans to be able to receive a sort of personalized stream of news, videos, and articles all curated by the app. With this, fans are able to pick their favorite teams and have specially picked material sent to them with live alarms for events as well as breaking news. One last feature this app offers is the ability for fans to stream local and primetime games and events for free once they have enabled their location services.


If your game is more about the love for global sports, around the league of 5000 different sports events on your reach, then LiveScore is definitely the app for you. LiveScore is all about being able to offer fans a simple, easy, and comfortable app where live streams for events from around 50 countries are offered as well as highlights, results, scores, stats and everything in between.

Soccer fans are especially driven to this app given the facilities it offers regarding live scores and updates from up to 60 different international leagues from around the world. Fans both old and new always find the LiveScore app to be one of the easiest to use and handle with their news alert system being one of the best in the market as well as the handling of personalized information suited to accommodate the needs of their fans.

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