August 20, 2021

Top 5 Games Couples Can Play Over Facetime

Ever since COVID-19 struck and completely changed our daily routines, more and more people have been using video calls and FaceTime to remain in touch with their loved ones. Thanks to platforms such as FaceTime, your loved one no longer feels as far as they actually are because you can talk and laugh with each other like usual. Despite the distance, you can still feel close to each other. However, simply being on FaceTime all the time can be boring, and a lot of couples want to do other things to entertain each other while being apart.

Fortunately, there are several games you can play together over FaceTime, and this article will list some of them.

What Is FaceTime?

For a little background, FaceTime is a video chat application exclusive to Apple devices, which means you can use it on your iPad, iPhone, and even on your Mac. The app is already built-in to your device, so you don’t need to download it manually.

Top 5 Games to Play

Being far apart from your partner can be a real challenge, but with constant communication and by doing activities together, you’ll be able to stay strong and in love no matter the distance. To keep the fire burning, try out some of these games the next time you’re talking to each other via FaceTime.

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Guess The Object

Guess the Object is a game that’s similar to the ever-popular Charades, but one main difference is that you can speak in this one. Guess the Object is all about choosing an object and then describing it in detail without directly referring to it. You can choose how many clues to give away. Then, the other person needs to guess what object you’re talking about, and if they guess right, they’ll earn a point.

Read My Lips

You can already guess what this game is about based on its name. Basically, you have to say something to the other person without actually saying anything, meaning you only use your mouth, and they have to guess what you said. Naturally, you can earn a point if you guessed right. To increase the thrill, you can confess whatever you want through this game, especially if you find it difficult to confess normally.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a trendy game, so you’ve most likely heard it before. This is a great game for getting to know another person and is usually played as a drinking game in social events. To play this game with your partner, both of you need to grab a drink and ask questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to. For instance: “Never have I ever been caught stealing.” If the other person takes a sip of their drink, it means that they have experienced that situation before.

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Song Lyrics

This is a very straightforward game, but it’s a fun one nonetheless, especially if both of you enjoy music. For this one, one of you will sing a particular song, and the person on the other side of the line will guess the song’s name, album, artist, movie, etc. As always, saying the right answer will earn you or the other person a point, depending on who guessed it right.

Complete The Story

Last but not least, Complete the Story is definitely another fun game to play with a significant other, especially if both of you enjoy coming up with stories. For this game, either you or your partner starts with a first line, and the other person will say the second line. Keep on doing this back and forth until you’ve come up with a finished story. Fun, right?


Long-distance may be hard, but there are some things you can do to ensure that both of you don’t get tired of each other. Constantly communicating and calling each other through FaceTime is already a step in the right direction. To spice things up, try out one or all of these games—you’ll surely strengthen your bond with your significant other as you laugh and enjoy these silly games.

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