May 5, 2022

Top 5 Sports Blogs To Follow

Sports are wide and varied and immensely popular all over the world, so it should be no surprise that there is plenty of blog son the internet that pertains to each of them. Here is a list of but a few of the top sports blogs in no particular order of popularity.

1. Sporting news

Sporting News is one of the oldest sports publications in the United States that started as a newspaper covering baseball back in 1886. In 2012, the company went entirely digital and now has blogs that cover many sports including basketball, boxing, cricket, horse racing, and MMA. The site also has regional editions for 8 countries, so you can read blogs about sports that feature highly in your region.

2. 90min

This site is entirely dedicated to football (soccer) in all codes. As the game is one of the most popular worldwide, it has a large following and has news on all things football-related, and is updated continuously by different bloggers. The blogs include information on such things as the individual players and teams, the latest games that were played, what’s going on in the different leagues, injuries, transfers, and even the latest video games. It is a well-formatted site that makes navigating to what you want clear and easy. If you’re a football lover, then this site will give everything you need to know about the sport in a relatable and real way as the blogs are written by the fans for the fans.

3. The Roar

The Roar is an Australian website that has blogs for many of the sports that are played in Australia. It covers sports such as Australian rules football, rugby league, tennis, cricket, soccer, and even horse racing. The blogs are written by anyone from the editors to experts to general contributors and provide a wide range of information on each sport. For example, there are discussions about the AFL Premiership odds and what could be the most likely outcome for each game leading up to it. The blogs are extensively detailed to the point where you can get any and all information on whatever sport you are following.

4. Deadspin

This blogging site’s motto is “Sports news without fear, favor, or compromise” and it shows in the content. Writers follow sports franchises such as PGA, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB in a writing style that is somewhat casual but also hard-hitting on news and events that are going on within these sports. These bloggers also take a look at the big picture and see how world events could affect these sports. Many of the blogs are written in a comedic, jovial tone with blogs such as the expensive foods that are served for the PGA Masters Champions dinner, to how Major League Baseball is finally adopting new technology.

5. Essentially Sports

The blogs on this website are purely by fans of their sports which include UFC, NASCAR, Formula 1, tennis, NFL, and basketball. The blogs delve into not only the sports themselves but the personalities of the people who are involved with them. The articles are light-hearted most of the time, with often humorous takes on current events involving sports stars. There are also blogs about video games and fashion so the site ends up being pretty diverse with its content.

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