January 19, 2022

Top 5 Things To Do When Preparing For Life With A Newborn

Usually, expectant mothers begin to storm the information sources about the course of pregnancy and preparation for childbirth when they see the cherished two stripes on the test. It is impossible to be fully prepared for parenthood, but any preparation is better than nothing.

It is important for a pregnant woman to maintain emotional balance, harmony, energy balance, and have a positive attitude! If you are worried about fear, you feel tired – seek advice from a psychologist, relax and enjoy life! It is also significant to discuss some aspects of future parenthood with your partner to avoid further misunderstandings. What, exactly, is worth talking about:

1) What kind of parents would you like to be, and what model of parenting would you like to follow?

2) Are both partners in favor of breastfeeding?

3) Where will the baby sleep – in a separate bed or with the parents?

4) How will both parents work after the baby is born, and how will they share household and baby care responsibilities?

Of course, it’s significant to realize that all of these conversations are purely theoretical, and when the baby is born, things can change, and you should be prepared for that.

You excitedly listen to yourself and look carefully in the mirror. Soon you will be a mother, and you are overwhelmed with emotion! You think about everything at once: the future birth, preparing for the first meeting, and the first appearance of the baby at home. Parents should start preparing for life with their newborn as early as the mid-pregnancy stage.

1. How to prepare the house for the birth of the baby

It is better to prepare the house in advance because after returning from the maternity hospital you will need to give maximum attention to the baby. Of course, you need to meet a newborn in a clean and tidy room, so if you still have time, make a cosmetic repair and general cleaning. Don’t forget to vacuum all upholstered furniture, wipe down books, flowers, wash stuffed toys and curtains – anything that accumulates dust. Any repair work shall be completed no later than two months before the childbirth so that the chemicals evaporate from the wallpaper glue, the smell of new furniture, parquet flooring.

2. What kind of furniture and things for the house do you need to buy

Of course, this is the bed

The space between the slats of the sidewall of the crib should be no more than 9 cm so that the baby cannot move his head between them. It is convenient when one side of the crib is lowered or removed: so you can take care of the baby without taking him out. You must also buy a mattress, crib sheets, a warm and thin blanket, duvet covers, sheets with an elastic band or diaper. In general, it is convenient to have 2-3 sets of bed linen, it is better to choose plain cotton. Terry is better not to use because this fabric is tough and may traumatize the delicate skin of an infant. Pediatricians do not recommend using a pillow until the age of 2 years. After 2 years, you can buy a thick pillow, about 2 cm thick. As for the mattress, it should be moderately hard, for example, with coconut or other natural filler.

A swaddling table

Although most modern mothers do not swaddle their children, the swaddling table is very convenient to use to change the baby, do gymnastics, massage, apply cream, etc. A dresser with a changing table is the most common and convenient option. In the drawers and shelves, you can store all the necessary things for the baby, and they will always be at hand. Think in advance what you will cover the table with. For example, a soft blanket and a disposable waterproof diaper. Another option is to buy a changing board. You can use it on any convenient surface: bed, table, dresser, etc.

Cradle, stroller, baby carrier, car seat

A carrycot is a handy, but not necessary accessory, with which you can carry your baby around the apartment and go visiting. A stroller should also be purchased in advance. Today there is a large variety of strollers-transformers, 2 in 1, 3 in 1, with returning wheels and fixed. The main requirements for strollers: the presence of brakes, rotating wheels will allow you to easily maneuver indoors and outdoors. It is desirable that the kit was a bag for things mom and baby, a convenient shopping cart, foot cover, rain cover, mosquito net. Backpacks and slings also help moms in caring for babies. With them, you can walk and do your business, freeing your hands from holding the baby. Only consult a pediatrician or other specialist to properly use these aides. A car seat is a must-have safety attribute for your baby if you have a car. You should carry the baby in the car only with the special straps in the car seat, and never in the arms of an adult! Today there is a wide range of child car seats designed for children from birth to 10 years of age. They are all securely fastened with safety belts and even allow you to travel long distances with your child.


The very first toy your baby has is a musical carousel or baby’s mobile. You will need it from about 1-2 months of age, and it must be made of easily washable material. Place this toy at a distance of 60 cm from the baby’s eyes vertically or at an angle of 45°.

3. The baby’s closet

Here is an approximate list and quantity of clothes:

– Lightweight cotton and warm baize shirts – 10 pieces.

– Wide elastic-banded onesies, light and warm – 8 pieces.

– Body with short and long sleeves – 4 pcs.

– Cotton and baize diapers – 10 pcs.

– Warm and light hats – 4-5 pcs.

– Overalls – 3 pcs.

– Clothes for walking: warm envelope, overalls, etc.

– Bib – 4 pcs.

– Socks – 5 pairs.

– Gloves (“scratch”) – 4-5 pairs.

– Sleeping bag or envelope – handy when the baby sleeps restlessly and wakes himself.

All clothing and bedding should be washed with baby detergent and thoroughly ironed.

4. Baby care items that need to be prepared for the little fidget:

  • a bathtub for bathing
  • water thermometer
  • soft towel
  • baby wipes
  • diapers
  • first aid kit for a newborn: hydrogen peroxide, nasal aspirator, electronic thermometer, baby cream, milk, oil, powder, bath lotion, baby scissors with round tips.

5. Baby food

There are cases when after the birth of the baby, the mother does not have milk, or there are some medical contraindications to breastfeeding. So it is necessary to foresee this and buy baby formula. So it is necessary to foresee this and buy baby formula. Modern manufacturers of baby food offer a wide range of highly-adapted organic formulas, and it is advisable to consult with your pediatrician first.

Preparing for the first meeting with your baby is always a pleasure and a little worrying. Very soon you will be a mommy, so try to enjoy your present state, worry less, and think only about the good things. After all, real life is growing inside you, isn’t it a miracle?

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