August 28, 2021

Top 5 Youtube Gambling Channels

Recently, Youtube channels with slot machines, casino games, and other gambling amusements are blocked and videos are deleted. Many well-known streamers have moved to Twitch or other platforms where gambling is still legal. However, not all gambling-related content is banned on YouTube. Table games, especially poker, are only indirectly related to gambling, so there are many channels on the platform with professional bloggers, players, and commentators posting entertaining videos.

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1. PokerStars

The top five gambling channels on Youtube are PokerStars because it’s the biggest poker-related resource on the internet. The project appeared in 2001, assuming a beta version with contingent money games. Later, it was already possible to bet for real money. The YouTube channel appeared many years later when the platform was already a leader in the development of table games. Visitors will find many instructional videos, tournament clips, interesting moments, and interviews with famous players. The channel has more than one million subscribers, and the total number of videos exceeds two thousand. The content is updated regularly with new videos.

2. PokerStaples

Next up is the less popular channel of American poker streamer Jamie Staples. He’s considered one of the biggest gamblers and is a frequent visitor to the PokerStars platform. Jamie’s channel has almost a hundred thousand subscribers and over a thousand videos. In his videos, the American arranges the real Challenges from the audience with high stakes, splits, the game at once for several tables, etc. The blogger also holds regular broadcasts on Twitch where he has more than 50 thousand followers and over 4 million views. Every day the channel broadcasts 2-3 videos where you can watch the game professional players and hear comments on the game.

3. Jack’s Gambling

Although it is forbidden to advertise gambling on YouTube, some enthusiasts consistently release videos where they play online casino slot machines. One such blogger is Jack. On his channel, it says that he likes to just play slot machines and show it live to his viewers. The channel has over forty thousand subscribers. He mainly plays modern slot machines with a high percentage of RTP and bonus features. Streams last for 2-3 hours and you can also find 5-8 minute clips of the best or funniest moments from the broadcasts. Every day there are 2-3 videos a day and in total there are more than a thousand videos on the channel.

4. Rocknrolla’s Gambling

Another player from the UK who loves playing slots, roulette, poker, blackjack. The channel was registered in 2008, the total number of views has exceeded 30 million. Subscribed to the blogger more than 60,000 users. Mainly the channel broadcasts live or recorded 3-4 hours of the game in different formats of gambling entertainment. You can also find thirty-minute videos with the best moments and clips from the streams. The channel owner makes big bets, performs viewer chelongs, answers questions and comments on his game, noting mistakes or better decisions during moves. The broadcasts take place almost every day.

5. American Casino Guide

Learning channel for gambling on a variety of topics, producing content since 2006. The number of subscribers is 140,000, the total number of views is more than 40 million. Presented content carries training videos with strategies for blackjack, roulette techniques, best bets in dice, strategies in the slot machines, and more. Channel owner Steve Bury invites various stars and professional players to his podcast, asking for their opinions on the best gambling strategies and how to get the most out of newbies when they first visit a casino.

Whereas gambling content on YouTube used to be so unmoderated, the administration now prohibits any advertising related to gambling. Finding gambling-themed channels has become more difficult, but there are still quality channels with videos where you can learn the various mechanics and rules of table poker, blackjack, look at the best moments and emotions of players during the jackpot at the slot machines. After a few instructional videos, you can easily head to an online casino and try your luck by playing slot machines or card games.

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