February 26, 2019

Top 50 Tech Blogs in India that you must follow in 2019 [Infographic]

Blogging is one of the most trending topics in India. Many people are turning into professional bloggers. In this infographic we listed all the best blogs in India based upon the popularity and Alexa ranks. We tried our best to gather maximum number of blogs but we might have missed some. Firstly we congratulate all the blogs and bloggers who are listed in this list.

The below list is the list of blogs which are from India and popular globally. We listed them on the basis of popularity and Alexa Rank’s.

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If you want any more interesting Infographic’s comment below we might work on it as well.

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About the author 

Imran Uddin

Imran Uddin is a Professional blogger from India and on All Tech Buzz, he writes about Blogging, How to tips, Making money online, etc.

    1. Amazing list, really worth to follow them, many of them I was already following and I added few after reading this article, thanks once again.

  1. Wow, 50 is a great collection. Perhaps it is really nice to see that there’s some who are going on contributing to put forward blogging to an another level.

    Really inspiring, thanks for it.
    – Bishal Biswas

  2. Nice infographics. This is really nice to know that there is a lots of Pro blogger in India. I am following only 30of them but from now it Become 50 πŸ˜‰

  3. Great List Immran,

    Almost cover all bloggers from India…. πŸ™‚
    All this list is great and awesome infographic…. πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you so much imran. sounds great,really very useful and informative post which you do it today. i am very proud of you.

  5. Hi Imran !
    Wow ! 50 top tech blogs. Pretty impressive. Congrats to all who stood in the first 50 πŸ™‚ Well, I see couple of blogs that isn’t TECH :/ I think you should change the title of the info-graphic .
    Anyway , super cool info graphics πŸ™‚

    Thanks !

  6. Wow what a great list of top bloggers. Thanks for the infographic.

    I hope to be in the list soon πŸ˜‰ Mine is Alexa 77k for now.. Hope to crack under 50k soon


  7. Nice information Imran bro. Keep it up
    Thanks for sharing infographics with us.

  8. Inspirational infographic, good to see so many great Indian blogs and bloggers. And yeah, congrats to you too for making it in the top of the list πŸ™‚

  9. So, yeah, this is a pretty good list but no offence but I really think that some of them really don’t deserve to be here. Even though I am not a pro blogger but I am very good at CPA and I know what I am saying. Will not take any names but that was just I wanted to say.

    Other than that, a pretty good collection.

    – Vikas Kumar

    1. Don’t be jealous mate πŸ˜›
      Just kidding. Everyone will get their time. The above list is well researched by my team, may be some might be missing but we did our best to include everyone.

      1. I am not jealous of course. But it’s just like some of them write sh*t. If want to be jealous then I would have been jealous from people like you, amit aggarwal, etc. But no, it’s not that. Also, I am fine with CPA and don’t wish to become a permanent blogger, was just indulged into blogging to write what I wanted to. πŸ™‚

        – Vikas Kumar

  10. very clear and inspiration infographic nice to see all at one place

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Imran thanks for doing lot of hard work to make this great list post with infographics which added its value a lot. I hope you did not mention these blogs as per their overall rank where digital inspiration is quite higher than shoutmeloud. Otherwise its a superb post.

  12. Great Infograph! Imran, i am a infographic geek and love to share and collect the infpgraphics! i would like to share your infographic in my personal blog. Also like to mention that great list of bloggers, but i don’t like some of the blogger and their blog they are useless to me.

  13. I llove whɑt youu guys ɑre up toο. Tɦis sort of clever wok аnd reporting!
    Keeep Υ½p tthe amazing wworks guys I’ve included Ζ΄ΞΏu
    guys to ouur blogroll.

  14. Hey, Thanks for adding me in this list. and this is for inform you that there’s a mistake in bloggingcage.com its PR 3 blog NOT 0 ?

    BTW. nice infographic .. Keep it up !

  15. If you can please share a info-graphic for the best 50 blogs, rather then just tech blogs

  16. Awesome Technology Blogger’s Infographics..Hats of all the techy guys..Inspiration moment for me ..Happy to see that i followed all..

  17. Very good infographic. I usually follow many of them.

    Keep sharing. All the best. πŸ™‚

  18. Alexa has nothing to deal with popularity, 2 minutes of silence for those who create list of top bloggers based on Alexa rank.

  19. AMAZING POST.. these persons are really the great inspiration for the upcoming bloggers like me.We will try our level best. Surely one day we will be one of those , in that list!!!! ALL THE BEST!!!

  20. Awesome post. very informative. Good to see your blog in top 50 blogs. it surely helps new bloggers and will be a great inspiration for them.

    All the best….

  21. Really nice post bro…..i have gone through each blog…really i have learnt a lot by seeing their work..and i hope to be as successful as they are…Nice write!!

  22. Thats a great list………

    Currently my Blog’s Alexa rank is 74k and Page Rank is 3. I hope i will be in the list in future. Great work Imran………..


  23. I Visited more than 10 blogs in this list . i love them all because every blog have some new thing about internet marketing . Thanks for sharing this blog.

    1. Wow !! Nice list …. Just Got motivated …. I hope… i Could be in Your list tooo πŸ™‚ Wish me luck πŸ˜›

  24. Great infographs.
    Never did I know about so many great blogs by indian publishers. Gonna follow a few.

  25. thanx for sharing aal are amazing places.. i have some more places to visit. sumitwords.blogspot.com/p/50-places-to-visit-in-india.html

  26. can you explain,what made you you think they are they are the best tech related blogs? few of them are related to coding and blogging blogs.

    1. Hello Imran Uddin,
      many thanks with regard to to create this excellent checklist publish along with infographics that additional it’s worth a great deal.

  27. Great list of Blogs. I really appreciate the hard work you have done to publish this. Thanks a ton.

  28. surely i will get first position soon, i have passion for competition. no matter about india best or worlds best πŸ™‚

  29. Its really nice know about top 50 bloggers in India so now i can start reading their blogs.Hope i will also in this list in future i know it is hard but not impossible.

  30. Nice infographics. This is really nice to know that there is a lots of Pro blogger in India. I am following only 30of them but from now it Become 50 ?

    1. Its really nice know about top 50 bloggers in India so now i can start reading their blogs.Hope i will also in this list in future i know it is hard but not impossible.
      awesome post imran bro thanks for sharing

  31. Hi Imran,

    You’ve compiled quite a hefty list here, but I think it may be a little outdated at the moment. However, I do frequent some of the blogs you’ve mentioned such as NextBigWhat and FoneArena. I feel like there have been some other great blogs that have grown in recent months, as well as some of the ones in your list may have dropped in “top 50” rankings. But anyways, you do have a great list here! – Thanks for it

  32. Nice !! Man , didn’t know .. we have so many talented bloggers in India too… till now i was following only few of them … thnx for the list πŸ™‚

  33. Really nice …. i have personally visited some of the blog .. but unfortunately i forgot why i came to your blog. :p i was diverted.
    but great yaar!

  34. There are many other blogs which have cropped up in recent years. You might want to update the article.

    My website also falls into the same category. Hope you make time and review my blog.

    Keep up your good work!


  35. Hey Imran,

    You made my job easy man… Thank so very much. I’d love to share this Infographic on my site. Ofcourse, with full support and credit to YOU. πŸ™‚


  36. hey imran this is a an excellent collection of indian top blogger i think most of new indian blogger follow those people and her blog i also follow that kulwant negi and he given me lost of motivation tnx for sharing this awsome collection

  37. Hi Imran,

    Great collection. But it’s been a year now. You could update this with latest data. Also, please try to include income statistics.

  38. Wow, Awesome inforgraphics… great list of techies… very helpful. this made my work very easier… Thank you guys πŸ™‚

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