December 18, 2019

Top 7 Reasons Why Twitter Is Better Than Other Social Media

Twitter is among the top five social media networks. It is used by more than 20% of internet users in the U.S every month. In the past years, Twitter has gone through a rough time. This has been attributed to the fact that Twitter is a highly open social media network. This openness has made it popular among celebrities, politicians, conference-goers, and tech types that work on fast-moving topics.

However, this openness of Twitter is exploited by the adversarial governments that want to influence elections. But Twitter has become a news platform. This is the go-to platform for people that want to know what is happening. Nevertheless, the success of any brand that opts to use it for marketing purposes depends on several factors.

For instance, the number of followers a Twitter user has matter. If a Twitter user has more followers, it means they get wider exposure to the audience. That means their information will be received by more users. Consequently, brands are looking for Twitter users with more followers to partner with them in marketing their products.

Statistics show that Twitter has an average of 330 million active monthly users. This figure makes this social media network impossible to ignore for marketers. Unlike most of the other social media networks, Twitter does not bombard users with app instructions. It also doesn’t give users the social pressure for a custom-design look. The platform looks amazing from the moment a new user signs up for an account. It’s simple, clean, and just fine.

But, what makes Twitter stand out from the other social media networks? Well, Twitter is different from other social media networks. These differences are the reason the platform stands out from the crown. Here are some of the reasons why Twitter is better than other social media networks.

Twitter Is Supported By Many Third-Party Tools

Twitter users can employ many third-party tools in analyzing brand performance. This is a major advantage that Twitter has over other social media networks. The availability of many tools that support Twitter means that brands can use them without spending a lot of money. Thus, Twitter saves brands money. Twitter users can consider options that are cost-free while others charge a small fee. Nevertheless, all the tools that can be used to analyze brand performance on Twitter for free make it better than other social media networks.

Easy Monitoring and Quick Analytics for Brands versus Competition

There is no reason to have a conversation if nobody is listening to it. This is another part where Twitter beats the other social media networks. Most software and apps can be used to monitor or track brand mentions on Twitter. That’s because of the API of this social media network. And, the majority of these software and apps are almost 100% accurate.

Easy to Use or Adapt to

When starting on Twitter, the platform may seem intimidating and a bit complex. However, it becomes the best social media platform ever once a person becomes used to it. Both the Twitter website and Twitter app for phones are easy to use. A user connects with consumers with ease and on a real-time basis.

A person can even use Uber Twitter to improve communication skills on this platform. Twitter requires the user to summarize an opinion or message into 140 characters. This is not something that everybody can do. Nevertheless, doing so becomes easy once a person gets used to the platform.

Leveraging Viral Ability to the Maximum

Twitter enables brands to make their content go viral. This is very important in social media marketing because a brand whose content goes viral reaches more people. Being an open social media network means there is no limitation. Anybody can see the tweets of a user of this platform. This gives the content that is shared on this platform the necessary boost.

Additionally, contests play a crucial role in this platform. Many brands are using contests to attract more followers and even promote viral videos, ads, and initiatives among the audience.

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Customer Service Tool

Twitter is a great customer service tool because it enables brands to connect with their clients or customers with ease. Many brands have dedicated their Twitter handles to the provision of customer service over the internet. Banks, telecoms, and FMCG companies are just some of the entities that are using Twitter to answer customer questions in real-time. Telecom companies have even enabled their users to deactivate or activate mobile plans via Twitter.

The fact that Twitter users can have a real-time conversation makes it better than other social media platforms. Using Twitter is like using a cell phone. Using this social media platform, brands can have open conversations with leads and prospects. This is a major benefit that businesses can reap from using this platform. Rather than exchange emails with customers that can take days to be read and responded to, Twitter allows brands to interact with and talk to customers there and then.

Easy to Identify and Target Customers

The fact that Twitter is an open social media platform enables brands to identify and target customers with ease. All the information a business needs to do this is readily available. This includes the interests of a user, their bio, and websites. Thus, using Twitter enables brands to develop contexts before they target or approach prospects.

With a target persona, it’s easy to search for virtually any information about a customer that a persona has on this platform. What’s more, Twitter ads allow users to choose from different objects while providing useful demographic data for targeting customers. This makes the target persona the basis of the ads.

Easy to Use to Drive Traffic to a Website

47% of the individuals that visit a profile on Twitter visit the site that is liked to it. That’s amazing. In addition to the links that a Twitter user places in the bio, they can also share links to blogs. These attract people to the website that you want to boost traffic for. Continuous sharing of engaging, new, and fresh content can position your website as a reliable and credible information source. This will get your blog more loyal readers or convert more visitors to customers.

What’s more, you can use different social management tools to curate or share content. Some tools can even help you find the best topics for your blogs. These will help you come up with quality and sharable content.

The Bottom Line

Twitter is a popular social network because humans are social. And Twitter is a straightforward, no-frills social networking site. This platform is used by younger people more often. Nevertheless, even senior citizens are using it. Brands are also using it to promote their products, services, and drive more traffic to their websites. It’s even hard to find a brand that has an online presence without a Twitter account. Some brands are even using Twitter as a tool for providing customer service. This shows that the popularity of Twitter is always growing. And this can be attributed to the factors explained here that make Twitter better than other social media networks.

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