February 23, 2021

Top Android Apps that Feature UPI Payments

UPI payments have become a buzzword in the world of mobile payments. UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, which permits you to send and receive money directly into the bank accounts without adding money to the mobile wallet through credit or debit card. UPI payments are developed by NCPI (National Payments Corporation of India) and are available to all mobile users through several banking applications.

Anyone can use it through standalone payment applications such as BHIM and Google Tez. There are several applications that can be used to transfer and receive funds conveniently via UPI. One factor that has added to the popularity of UPI payments is its introduction to online casinos. UPI casinos are the new thing that enables the players to bet their money and receive their winning amounts without any hassle!

UPI payments are not uncommon anymore. Let us have a look at these distinguished applications that feature UPI payments.


Flipkart is a leading online store that offers UPI payments in its mobile application. It has a connection to PhonePe wallet, but it does not require the users to have the application on their mobile phone. What you need to do is to just select the item you want to buy, select the PhonePe UPI. A notification would be sent to you in which you will be required to set up a PhonePe account, which by the way, is not a long process. Once you are done with it, you will be directed to a page where you are required to finalize the payment. At this point, go to UPI and type the virtual payment address that must be assigned to you when you had made your account on UPI. You can use UPI for all your online purchases on Flipkart and this online e-commerce website accepts all the transactions and offers a lot of promotions too which helps you in getting more while investing lesser!

Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger is known as the only messenger that allows you to transfer and receive UPI payments. The users of Hike Messenger can use this feature and can make a free account easily. It not just allows you to transfer funds to someone else’s bank account but also permits you to pay for the recharges. The simplest way to access UPI payments in Hike Messenger is to go on the settings, click on the wallet and send money. The backend support is provided by the Yes Bank to the Hike Messenger which backs the reliability of the app.


Truecaller has evolved over the years. It is now no longer restricted to the use of spamming messages and calls but now allows its users to transfer and receive money into the bank accounts through UPI payments. The main aim is to foray into the social media space and provide extreme feasibility to the users as they can count on Truecaller for sending out or receiving the payments. Truecaller is simultaneously working with ICICI Bank to make the process more credible and authentic. You can easily access the UPI on the Truecaller application by clicking on the payments in the menu section. Verify your cellphone number, and create your virtual payment address, and there you go! You can now easily monitor all your transactions!


Uber has become the most popular ride-sharing service provider and its users can conveniently make their payments through the UPI channel. UPI payments have made these transactions much easier. What users have to do is just activate the UPI payment by going to the option to add a new payment method and click on UPI. You can create your UPI account on Uber. You should have an existing Uber account to access UPI payments in Uber applications. Uber has been partnered with HDFC and Axis bank to make their transactions and processes reliable and authentic.


Paytm is widely known for its mobile wallet. Paytm offers several payment options to the users and they can transfer their amounts through credit card, debit card, and UPI which has been added only recently. This feature can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Add Money’ option which is present on the blue strip. After that, click on the ‘Other Payment Options’ and select UPI to get started. Again, to transfer the payments, you should have a UPI account priory, as you cannot make your UPI account on the Paytm application.


Whatsapp has become the prime messenger for everyone around the world. People opt for WhatsApp as an option for everything. Then why not payments too? UPI payments allow you to transfer and receive funds through UPI payments. It makes it easy for you to circulate money without getting worried about credibility and reliability.

Make my trip

Make My Trip is an online travel company that has been in the market for 20 years. They have also introduced this exciting feature of transferring money through UPI payments. It gives you a platform to transfer your funds in a fast and safe way and you can do it easily at any time and from anywhere.

Amazon Pay

Amazon has become the go-to online store for everyone. Whenever there is a need to buy something, the credibility of Amazon drives us to it. By featuring UPI payments, Amazon has gained several customers as the only thing that is needed is a UPI ID and you can transfer the funds through a one-click authentication. This hassle-free transfer makes it easy for you to shop online and pay for it conveniently.


Cred is the only banking application that proves to be a supporting platform to transfer and receive funds via UPI payments. Being featured on Cred makes it easier for the users to transfer their amounts without being worried about getting scammed or caught in fraud. UPI payments ensure your safety and prioritize your comfort.

UPI payments are the coolest and easiest way to send or receive payments securely. The mode has developed in the last few years to make payments and receipts much easier. Whether your payment is big or small, you can easily transfer it from your bank account to someone else’s bank account through a virtual payment address. Not just this, UPI payments ensure your safety and keep your details personal. Loyal customers are offered several rewards and cashback too which proves that they are extremely customer-oriented. So if you have not made your UPI account yet, then go and create one now! Or else you will end up losing the best and the most convenient way of transferring and receiving the amounts directly in the bank accounts!

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