May 22, 2022

Top Food Delivery Apps in Australia

Everyone needs food to survive. We humans are very excited about the idea of food. If the food comes to your doorstep all prepared and fast, it’s almost a feeling of utter joy. These days food delivery apps have been a lifesaver for a lot of people.

With the advancement in technology and the invention of thousands of apps on Android and iPhone, life has been a lot easier. You can order food just with a tap of your hand. Sometimes we might get hungry out of the blues or want to treat ourselves with delicious treats. In these situations, food delivery apps are a lifesaver.

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Here we have listed several food delivery apps that are used by most Australians as a substitute for McDonald’s and KFC.

Uber Eats

Uber east is one of the most popular apps not only around Australia but in several other parts of the world. The app is a flexible tool to connect with a restaurant and get your food delivered.

With the uber speed, you can order food from your local places. You can also find nearby restaurants and fast food vendors and amazingly all are delivered to your doorstep. UberEats also delivers alcohol and food together.


Menulog is the largest food delivery company all around Australia. It serves around 90% of the country. With a menu of over 11,000 restaurants, Menulog is one of the most versatile apps to order your food.

From the 11,000 restaurants, you can get your food delivered to your doorsteps. There are almost 70 distinct cuisines served by this app to the people. Also, this app gives a 25% discount to the user who uses it for the first time.


Deliveroo is also a fast and reliable app to order your food. With a guaranteed delivery time of 30 minutes, delivery provides a wide variety of foods that you can order. Premium restaurants might take a longer time to prepare their food.

You can track the rider who delivers your food in real-time saving you from any form of impatience. It is a perfect app for ordering local specialties and is also very fast. Deliveroo is also among the top apps that Australians use for food delivery.


Macros are also among the top apps used by Australians for their food desires. Macros provide the customers with a variety of dietitian-designed chef-prepared food. They provide a weekly menu based on the thing you want to eat.

You are also provided with options of discarding certain items which you discard from the food. It’s almost like making your own food and the best part is the food gets delivered to your doorsteps hot and tasty.

Macros can be the app you are looking for to maintain a diet and eat good and fresh food. Also, the filtering option helps to avoid ingredients that you don’t like.


Youfoodz is like your mother, it helps you choose a variety of foods that are healthy. This app will help you stay fit by providing a variety of healthy and nutritional foods.

The food is delivered the next day of your order and is chef-prepared with all the nutrients you need with the taste your pallet wants.

So, if you are having trouble keeping the belly inside your shirt, you need to install this app and start a healthy diet right away and save yourself from the hassles of preparing healthy and delicious food at the same time.


Hello, fresh is also a top food delivery app preferred by Australians. This app is all about feeding a group of people.HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery for a group of two or more people.

This app delivers a large quantity of food, in case you are out of food and want to organize a small gathering you should order your food from HelloFresh.

The app also provides you with a full weekly plan of food items. However, you can filter out the items you don’t want to eat and order only those you like the most. This app can come in handy if you are confused about what to eat all week long.

If you are having trouble deciding what to cook for your kitty party or small gathering you can just install this app and get all you need to be delivered to your doorsteps.

Chef Good

Another best app for your household food needs. You get the best meals delivered to your house. The gourmet ready-made dinner delivery app provides tasty chef-prepared food at your doorsteps.

You can choose a plan for your needs and weight reduction. There are options for a weight loss plan as well. Chefgood takes care of the fact that you want to lose taking care of your hunger as well.

If you are someone planning to lose some weight while enjoying the taste of natural flavors, you need to get good on your phone and start making a meal plan right now.

There are several other food apps that are not listed here. You can find a wide variety of food delivery apps on google play at your convenience. However, the above-mentioned apps are the best and most people love to use them on a regular basis.

You can choose the meal you want to eat and even filter out the ingredients you don’t wish to put in your meal. The above-mentioned apps are a must and can help you save yourself from the hassle of cooking and cleaning. Above all the apps also take care of your health and provide delicious options for your appetite.

So, don’t be any later than this and start downloading the apps and explore your options. These apps will fulfill all your appetite desires and you can explore a lot of options as well. Just get these apps right now.

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