July 12, 2021

Top Parental Control Applications of 2021

Kids are on the phone daily. They are playing games or using gadgets for online learning. However, these phones are not safe. They contain pop-up ads and unhealthy sites for kids of different ages.

Controlling what your kids do online guarantees their safety. Of course, there are many useful sites on the Internet where you can find a variety of useful information from sports exercise to dissertation help, but with parental control, you help children to avoid getting into unsafe websites where they may watch unhealthy content. The apps also protect the kids from interacting with strangers who may steal your data and use it for malicious reasons. In other cases, you want the kids to concentrate on classwork instead of visiting entertainment websites.

Here are the best parental control apps for your phone or tablet.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny remains one of the top parental control apps on the internet today. It is a comprehensive app that gives you all the features to enable you to control what a kid does on the phone or tablet. You can protect your kids from harmful content as well as monitor digital habits.

Net Nanny allows you to limit screen time to avoid misuse. It also blocks some apps or sites that you think could have unhealthy content for your kid. In case the kid wants to access pornography, drug-related, weapons, or suicide sites, the app will alert you.

The app offers customized control for apps and websites. For instance, you can block a website for a period of time, for instance during the day, to allow your kid to study. It helps you to control internet usage and behavior without blocking the sites or entire usage.

Some users found that the app blocked too much or would require you to manually block and unblock some of the sites. Others think that the site did not block enough content, leading to a certain degree of exposure. Like all other apps, it is not a perfect parent control method. You only need to monitor the level of exposure based on your desired results.

Net Nanny is still one of the best-rated parental control apps. It is free to use but you have to pay for advanced blocking features.


The app is designed for parents of teens who want to control their internet usage. It is especially efficient with controlling screen time. The app will monitor the time these kids spend on the phone and the most visited sites.

Moment provides a log of how often teens pick their phones. The app can be installed on PC, laptops, tablets, and phones. It means that it will help you to track your own screen time as well. While it does not restrict screen time, it will provide a detailed report of the time spent on each app or website.

The data Moment provides about gadget usage will help you to begin conversations about healthy internet usage with your teens. You can access the data from another device, helping you to track activity remotely.

Moment offers a free trial version. The eventual cost will depend on whether you want a single-device package or would like to install the app on multiple devices. It is regarded as the best remote monitoring app for teens, especially helping to track time. Because it runs all the time, it will drain your phone battery.


Qustodio allows you to read messages from your kid’s phone. You can also track his location as well as monitor social network activities. The app is, therefore, good for parents with older kids who are already interacting with their peers on these networks.

Qustodio assists you to block websites with inappropriate content. On the app, you can block websites and games that you think your children should not access. At the same time, the app allows you to limit screen time for each device.

Qustodio allows you to locate your kid’s device anytime you want to track them. In case the child is in danger and would like to contact you, there is a panic button that will send an immediate alert.

One of the limitations for Qustodio is the amount of data you can access about a remote device. You will know that the kid was on Facebook or Snapchat but cannot read private communications with other app users.

Qustodio has a free version with limited features. If you need advanced monitoring features, you have to pay a few dollars. The app is easy to use for parents and will go undetected on the gadgets it has been installed.


The name comes from the alert given by a dog when danger strikes. Bark will help you to monitor emails, messages, and activities on more than 30 social media networks. The app will look out for activities that indicate danger including drugs, sexual content, adult content, and online predators. You can also track cyberbullying and suicidal tendencies.

Bark rummages through photos, texts, and videos looking for danger. In case it finds suspicious content, it will send an alert to the admin phone or gadget. The alerts come through email or text messages.

Bark has connected users with professional psychologists. Through artificial intelligence, the app gives recommendations on how to deal with these cases. It ensures that you handle such difficult situations professionally.

Bark has a dashboard providing all the information you need regarding your kid’s internet usage. It gives you an idea of what the kids are doing online and the time spent on each website. When it is time to discuss the outcome with your kid, you will provide concrete data.

Bark is one of the most comprehensive and highly rated parental control apps on the internet. You have a free 7-days trial period to test these features and see whether they are serving your needs. Afterward, you will pay a reasonable amount depending on the features you would like to access, especially the number of devices to connect.

The internet has numerous other apps to help you control kid’s activities on gadgets. It helps if the app can operate incognito to avoid manipulation. The amount of data offered and its accuracy will give you the best grip on what your kid is doing online.

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