January 19, 2020

Top Tools That Can Help You Get Things Done Using the Internet

Every new day comes with a new task that needs to be done. Some of them are quite interesting, while others might be so mundane, yet you have to do them just because there is no alternative. The success rate at which you can get your daily tasks can be improved considerably with the help of to-do list apps.

Many apps stand up to the mark and really make life easier. These apps can help you with various aspects such as task management, time management so you can enjoy your life and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Isn’t it amazing that you can organize almost the whole day just by a selection of a few options and strokes of a few keys?

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So without further ado, let’s get acquainted with some reliable apps that you can use:


nTask comes first on our list of best to-do list apps. The app is one of the top-notch apps for people who struggle with managing tasks and getting things done. It has a simple, user-friendly GUI that lets you navigate through a powerful set of features.

It is one of the best task management tools for individuals and teams. What makes nTask stand out of the crowd? The app lets you create tasks and subtasks and get them scheduled as a single task or as a recurring task. There are checklists that you can use and list down things that need to be done. There is also a way to create projects and other multiple tasks. Also, you can set priorities, organize your tasks and monitor their status.

Platforms: Android and iOS


The app’s interface is designed in a way that you get a user-friendly experience and more options to work with. You can add tasks, due dates, and reminders too. The app also lets you create a to-do list and allows you to share them with friends and other members. This is great for students and professionals who need to submit their work/homework in groups. All members can share the same list of activities and when they are done with a task and anybody can check it off and mark it as complete.

Platforms: iOS and Android


The app helps you create a list of things that you need to get done with and rearrange them on your calendar. These tasks can be written anywhere and can be dragged and dropped into other lists. If there is a task that you cannot complete on a specific day, then the app can roll it over to some other list automatically. Also, there is another interesting feature called Markdown. For people who are particular about presentation styles and text formats, the tool is good to create lists and share them with other people.

Platforms: iOS and Web


Any.do is one of the easiest tools that can help you create and manage things that are a part of your to-do list. You can use the tool to create simple tasks and subtasks folders. You can use an easy to use drag-and-drop option for files. The app also has an interesting feature that allows you to use your voice to make list and avoid the hassle of typing. Just speak to your smartphone and it will act like your virtual assistant. Apart from that, the UI/UX design is simple, which makes the app easy to understand.

Platforms: iOS and Android


One of the best to-do list applications is called ToodleDo. The application focuses on task management and helps you organize your daily tasks. You can add multiple sub-tasks, priority levels and notes and some other basic information. Tasks and subtasks get displayed as outlines consisting of sections that can assist you so you can focus on other important things.

Although it’s primarily for task management, there are other interesting features that you can use. One of the features is that you can log multiple habits and monitor the dos and don’ts to improve your daily routine. Habits come with a calendar, so you can track your progress in days.

Platform: iOS and Android

There are a lot of other apps and tools that you can add to your tool kit and make life at work and home a bit easier. These not only lighten your burden, but also give you a better picture about how you are spending your days.

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