May 23, 2023

Tracing A Virtual Phone Number, Is It Possible?

Providers in the telecommunication space like Telnum have given us freedom. Before, we only had the power to hire people from the same location and be in the same office to connect to business lines.Today, that’s not the case anymore. Your staff can now be in their car to a meeting somewhere or practically anywhere in the world there’s a stable internet connection and still, be able to answer calls.

The same goes for personal use. In fact, you don’t have to get a number specifically from your area if you don’t want to. People who want to maintain their privacy often do this.

If you’re one of these people, you might be thinking if it’s possible for anyone to trace your number. We’ll go into this topic so you’d understand if there are potential risks that someone will find out.

Will anyone be able to track your number?

The quick answer is it depends. There are two types of VoIP numbers that you should know of: fixed and non-fixed. And the type that you have will determine how quickly (if at all) someone would be able to access your number.

Fixed VoIP number

To get this type, you’ll have to prove that you have an existing address in the area where you want to get the number. Although it seems a little counterintuitive given the supposed freedom that VoIP gets you, it’s still better because you don’t have to change your number for as long as you’re still within the area code.

As you’ll need to provide proof of address (and therefore, your name) to get this, it will be very relatively easy for someone to track you, especially if they have legal cause to do so.

Non-fixed VoIP number

For non-VoIP, no such requirement is needed when you get it. That’s why it’s so easy to get one over the internet. This is also the go-to option of almost everyone, from people who just don’t want to reveal their location to owners of small call centers who are working off-shore.

Therefore, in this case, it will be relatively harder for them to trace calls coming from this type of number. We emphasize: much harder, but not necessarily impossible.

What are the conditions that someone may get a hold of your VoIP number (non-fixed)?

It’s much harder to track your number for the non-fixed kind. As in notoriously hard. But there are several circumstances that may make it a little easier for someone to get it:

  • You’re using it for your business

A quick Google search of the number will render your number if you’re publicly claiming it. This is great if you actually want people to call your line. But if that’s not the case, you should update what’s published.

This will prevent potential customers from accidentally contacting an outdated number in the future. Make sure as well that only authorized people have access to the number because you don’t want your reputation tainted by someone calling other people under the impression that they represent your business.

  • Someone suffered harm because of the number

If the number has been used to harass people, the person who’s filing a complaint against the caller (assumed to be you) can get the authorities involved.

So even if the company you got the number from promises to conceal your personal information, they may be forced to give them out to authorities if they’re subpoenaed.

From there, the authorities might be able to take any action they think is necessary for whatever that was done. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, keep your number secured.

Ideally, log out every time you’re done using it. You should also make sure that no one else apart from you has access to avoid any potential legal consequences if the worst happens.

How hard is it to trace the number?

Although it’s theoretically possible for someone to trace your number, it’s actually almost impossible to do it in practice. You’ll have to be in really big trouble – big enough that government agencies are involved – for you to be traced more quickly.

But under normal circumstances, it’s pretty expensive and time-consuming for the person to do it. First, they’ll need a court order to force the hand of your provider. And if they’re not in the same country, this will be pretty hard to do. They may have to get court documents translated before they even send that to the country where your provider is located.

They’ll also have to hire lawyers to represent them there. So in the end, if it’s not a serious issue, people won’t go into doing all this.

VoIP is a great way to maintain your privacy, and Telnum is a reliable partner for this. As long as you’re legally in the clear, you can enjoy everything that a VoIP number has to offer with no worries.

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