October 16, 2015

Truecaller App for Windows 10 – Enriched CallerID and Many New Features

Truecaller, one of the most popular callerID app which is used by millions of people across the world. As we all know, Truecaller is an app that can be used on smartphones that help us to find the contact details of any person just from the mobile number. This app comes with integrated caller ID service in order to achieve call-blocking functionality and social media integration to manage your contacts up-to-date. It can trace the mobile number with exact name and location and so it can be considered as a phone directory. Now, Truecaller app has launched the complete version of Truecaller for all the mobile devices running Windows 10 operating system. Also, the app has rolled out with a slew of updates for Windows 10 mobile devices. Here are the list of new features and enhancements of the newly updated app, Truecaller.

Improved Features of Truecaller App for Windows 10

As Truecaller app update has announced a host of new features, it rolls 0ut with a splendid design, a wizard that helps users to place the details and  profile pictures grabbed from Truecaller’s database into your call history. Windows 10 is also a new OS launched by the tech giant Microsoft and this new operating system has been rolled out for its recently launched mobiles devices namely Lumia 950 and 950XL. During the largest Microsoft Event in NewYork, Microsoft unveiled a slew of new products like Surface Book Laptop and Surface Pro Tablet with Windows 10.

Truecaller - Improved FeaturesNow, Truecaller has also launched their mobile application Windows 10 Mobile platform with improved features and also renovated its look and design so that users can get started easily. Here are the new features of the newly updated app:

1. Call History-Info with Names and Photos

Auto-populates the call history with Truecaller information including badges and profile pictures. The call history of the mobile devices running Windows 10 can now be synced with Truecaller so as to display names and photos from the app’s database. Also, the profiles will display the operator information from which the user received a call along with  embedded maps.

2. Enhanced Call Blocking Functionality

Windows 10 users with Truecaller app on their devices can now have the ability to formulate their own block list in order to avoid or completely stop unwanted communications.

Truecaller - Block Spam callers
You can now protect yourselves against the Top Spammers by compiling a custom ‘Block List’ and you can also obstruct hidden and private numbers. You can save the numbers to contacts history or even report spam without the need to open the app.

3. After-Call Screen

A new feature After-call screen allows you to perform quick actions such as view caller ID of the person who just called you before, ability to save the contact information, call back, suggest a name, send an SMS and report a number as spam or check it in Truecaller without having to open the app.

4. Improved Caller ID Functionality

Truecaller app update for Windows 10 has come out with improved features along with carrier information. Usually, Truecaller will not present the exact location from which the call is originating in case of Live calls. Now, it has improvised this feature by giving the location data with a more accurate location on incoming calls and number search. Truecaller is capable of tracing the exact location of mobile number from which you got a call. However, you’ll not get the exact location of the live call, bu the efficiency of presenting accurate location has been improved in this new Truecaller app.

With an improved and streamlined list of newly updated features of Truecaller on Windows 10 devices so that the users can view more information in a quick way. The design changes have been implemented in the new version of Truecaller with higher quality design in the search results, list view screens and discover. The new Truecaller app is now available to download for free in Windows Store

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