January 12, 2023

Twitter Takeover: How Elon Musk Has Impacted The News-Sharing Platform

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The Take Over

Musk prides himself on being a “free speech absolutist” and isn’t a traditional conservative, but he believes Twitter provides a level playing field for both liberals and conservatives. I hope Complaining about the ideological status quo, many members of the legacy media were alarmed and warned that Musk was reinstating former President Trump on Twitter.

Within weeks, Twitter agreed to accept Musk’s $44 billion takeover offer. It was a tumultuous union, especially after Musk tried to break the deal in July by saying Twitter was not disclosing the number of bots using its network. Twitter promised to sue him in retaliation. After a large legal back-and-forth, Musk became the owner of Twitter on Oct. 27.

Changes in Experience

Musk, who wanted to poke the bear, started by tweeting a video of himself visiting the Twitter office for the first time, dabbling in prop humor. Let it sink, and Musk yells to bring a real sink into the building. It has been viewed about 50 million times.

Reality has hit the old guard hard, as Musk promptly fired his Twitter senior executives, including his CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and general counsel Vijaya Gadde.

About 70-80% of his 7,500 employees at Twitter were laid off or retired during Musk’s tenure. Twitter’s head of trust and safety, Yoel Roth, was among those who decided to leave, with Musk eventually disbanding his Trust & Safety Council on Twitter.

Visual Changes

Musk’s first significant move as Twitter’s new owner was the launch of Twitter Blue. It’s an $8/month membership service that grants users access to additional perks, such as edit buttons, top reply rankings, and verified blue check marks. However, the platform got off to a terrible start in early November. 

Fake accounts impersonating other users and companies became popular with offensive tweets. The initiative was shelved by Musk, who he relaunched in December with additional protective measures.

During his tenure as owner, Musk will gain access to accounts suspended or closed during the previous administration, including those of the late President Trump, Babylon Bee, Project Veritas, and its creator, Dr. O’Keeffe, to name a few. 

Users Acceptance and Growth

According to Apptopia, there were about 125,000 downloads from Twitter in the US in the last 31 days. The figure is 23% higher than the previous month and 42% higher than the same period last year.

However, data from Apptopia show slower growth outside the US, with a 14% increase in the population and a 4% year-over-year growth. Carolina Milanesi, a consumer tech expert, said slowing growth outside the United States could indicate that people abroad are becoming less involved in the controversy surrounding Musk as a public figure. 

According to Milanesi, head of consulting firm Creative Strategies, user numbers may not be as important as demographics. Not everyone wants or can afford $8 a month, she said, hinting at a $7.99 a month Twitter Blue subscription. However, the blowback soon died, and many people have embraced the new waves hitting Twitter since the takeover.

Our Future Projection

When Musk took control of Twitter, it was quite the roller coaster ride…and all roller coaster rides come to an end. He conducted a poll on Dec. 18 asking Twitter users if he should “resign as head of the social media site” and vowed to “stick to the results.” Of the 17.5 million users who responded, 57.5% of them said they should go.

Two days later, Musk tweeted, “I will step down as CEO as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take it on.” It’s clear if Musk can find a replacement. After 2022, Twitter will never be the same.

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