August 21, 2016

Here Is The Reason Behind The Two Horizontal Lines On The Back Of iPhone

The iPhone is the most popular type of cell phone in the world. Despite the fact that millions own an iPhone, many are unaware of some of the most amazing features hidden away in this little device. Even though we use our iPhones all day every day, there are still a handful of unknown things that are relatively unknown. iPhone always tries to attract the users with its glossy look.

Here is a question for all the iPhone lovers

iphone back line

Have you ever noticed two horizontal lines running across the back panel of your iPhone6 or 6s? Just have a look over it


Do you know the reason behind this lines? If you think these lines are just for the stunning look then you are wrong. Apple will never design an iPhone without a particular feature.

iphone back

Here is a clue for you. These two lines  are present to serve the same purpose served by the back panel made of glass in the previous models of iPhone. Just have a look over the tempered glass back panel of iPhone.


Here is the answer:

Those two back lines are the antennas. Radio waves(signals) escape through that plastic lines. Previous models also consisted of those lines. But they were hidden inside because previously back panels are made up of glass. Signals can escape easily through glass. But they cannot escape through Aluminium. Generally, many phone back panels are made up of ceramic, fiber, glass etc. As the back panel of iPhone 6 and 6S is made up of Aluminium, there persisted a necessity to create a way for escaping of the signal. This was also a step taken by the Apple after receiving the customer complaints against the poor signal strength in the previous models.


iPhone 7 is for all those who worry about the lack of impressive look in the iPhone 6

Apple always tries to give the customers the best iPhone with an attractive look. iPhone 7  doesn’t have the two lines like that of iPhone6. Apple is going to replace the metal antenna in the place of plastic. A new composite metal of aluminium that allows the radio waves to escape through it is going to be used in iPhone7.


These are the reasons why people love to have an iPhone. Let’s wait until the launch of iPhone7.

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Imran Uddin

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