March 14, 2020

Type Music Note — Use ALT Codes

Here, you’ll learn quick and simple ways to type music note symbols on various devices. After all, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux PCs can use many special characters that aren’t found on the standard US or UK English keyboard.

If you want to type certain symbols like music notes, you must find out their ALT code or look up a Character Map. This is a tool that helps you find special characters to use. Also, You can use a music note symbol created through ALT codes in other apps, such as Microsoft Word, Twitter, and Facebook.

How to Use ALT Codes to Type Music Note

Character Map

An ALT code is typically used to insert a special character that hasn’t been mapped to a key found on a computer keyboard. If you want to type any of these symbols, then the first step is to activate the Num Lock key. This is usually found in the upper-left corner of your numeric keypad (Numpad).

Remember that all ALT codes must be typed using the numbers in the Numpad of your keyboard. This means these alt codes won’t work when you use the number of keys above the QWERTY line.

So if you want to insert the standard music note symbol, the eighth note symbol, then hold down the ALT key and type 13 using the Numpad. On the other hand, if you want to use the beamed eighth note instead, you must hold down the ALT key and then type 14 with the Numpad.

How to Use the Character Map to Type Music Note

ALT Codes

The Character Map utility allows you to pick several symbols in one go. It also lets you copy them to your document or the system clipboard. You can also paste the same symbols from the clipboard on any text field you like by pressing CTRL + V.

Character Map in Microsoft Windows

  • Press the Windows key and the letter r to show the Run dialog box. Afterward, type “charmap” without the quotes and press Enter. This will open up the Character Map applet;
  • Type “Note” in the “Search For” text field. Then, click “Search” to find the two types of musical notes. Remember, there are hundreds of characters in the Character Map, and trying to find both music notes or any other special character on the map, can be time-consuming;
  • Next, click on any of the two musical notes, and then click the Select button. This adds the note to the “Characters To Copy” field;
  • Click on the Select button a few more times if you want to add more musical note characters or any other character of your choice; and
  • The final step is to click the Copy button, so you can copy the field’s content onto the clipboard if you want to paste the notes onto another location, press CTRL+V.

How to Type Music Note Using ALT Code Shortcuts

  • Press and hold one of the ALT keys on your keyboard;
  • Type the corresponding numbers of the alt codes for music notes through the number keys in the Numpad; and
  • Mac OSX computers have a vast array of musical note symbols and emojis, so you’re free to take your pick here. Also, keep in mind that each has its respective codes.

You can type the code and hold down the ALT key for the Hexadecimal Code method. Press X, and you’ll get the code. Take note that this method only works in Microsoft Word.

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