March 20, 2019

How to Unlock Locked Widgets in Blogger

Hello fellow bloggers in this article let me tell you how to unlock a locked widget from blogger. OK, what is a locked widget? Go to your dashboard and try to remove a widget. If you are unable to remove the widget or if you don’t see the “Remove” option then probably that widget had been locked. If you want to remove that particular locked widget the follow the instruction that I’m gonna give you below.

Blogger doesn’t lock all the widgets by default and if a widget is locked then there might be some reason. Before removing the widgets make sure they are not going to affect your website by any way.

How to Unlock Locked Widgets in Blogger

1. Open the blogger dashboard and open the layout tab.

2. Click on the small “Edit” button next to the widget you want to unlock.

3. If the widget doesn’t have any remove option then it is locked. Copy the widget’s ID from the top URL of the widget that is it looks something similar as “WidgetID=’something’ “.

unlock locked widgets

4. Navigate to the “Template” tab and click on the “Edit HTML” button.

5. Press “Ctrl + F” and search for the widget ID.

6. Now this is where you need to do a small editing to the widget. There are two ways to do that.

Method 1 : When you search for the widget ID you will see its attribute locked = “True”. 

unlock locked widget

Replace the word Ture as False  and save the template. Now your widget is unlocked.

unlock locked blogger widget

Again open the layout => edit widget. You will find the option “Remove” and click on it to delete the widget.

unlock locked blogger widgets

Method 2 : While you search for the widget ID you will find that the widget starts from <b:widget …> and ends with </b:widget>.

If you want to delete the widget you can just remove the entire portion starting from the <b:widget …> ….. </b:widget> and save the template. By this way we are directly removing it without unlocking the widget and this saves lot of time for us.

remove locked widget blogger


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