December 31, 2020

Use Tools and Accessories and Diamond Paint like a Pro

Diamond painting has taken its way in the long list of hobbies people adopt to spend their time exquisitely. The beauty of work and ease of techniques has encouraged everyone not to stand on the shore of this colorful sea in fear but give them the courage to swim. If you feel like the painting you can paint by diamonds and can paint like a pro and create a masterpiece of your own.

The inventors of Diamond painting kits have invented them in such a flexible manner that anyone can buy a kit and can make something different with the help of tools and accessories that are given along with the printed canvas. This canvas comes with a primary kit that includes corresponding beads, an applicator to apply these beads on canvas, a wax bar, and tweezers to fix the wrongly placed bead on the canvas. However, there is a list of other accessories that one can buy as per choice to help them in the creation of a painting and can play with colors like a pro.

Other than the basic tools we will be discussing all the necessary items that you should include in your painting store to work nicely on your project of Diamond Painting.

Drills Organizers:

Each canvas comes with various color drills and to manage them with spick and span can help in working properly. The enlisted organizers can be a help for the crafters.


Multi-slots storage bag

In a regular diamond painting kit, the drills come in small packets. It becomes difficult to manage a large number of beads in various colors to keep them from spilling or mixing. To prevent this mess, larger size storage bags with up to 84 slots to keep the diamonds in them.

Transparent containers

Transparent containers in bottle shapes are available. Put the diamonds of different colors in each bottle, tight the lid, and enjoy an immaculate place around you while painting.

Ziplock bags

Zip lock plastic bags are also available for diamond drills. The zipper saves the diamonds from getting lost. What you have to do is just open the required colored bag and spill the specified amount in the grooved tray, zip lock the rest of the diamonds, and start working.


Exclusive pens with hollow tips are used to pick and place the diamonds on canvas. For the convenience of the painter, different sort of stylish pens or applicators are introduced that saves time and energy.


Applicators for square and round drills

You can buy the applicator according to the shapes of the drill you are using in arranging a painting. Both pens for round drills and square drills are available to pick the diamond with the least effort.

Wax pen tool

Simple wax pens are available without getting into the heck of dipping the tip into wax after every time. These pens work like led pencils, press the surface of the diamond and fix it on the canvas, and sharp it with a sharpener when needed.

Replaceable Heads for Diamond Applicator

Some canvases are designed with large backgrounds of the same color. Instead of picking a single diamond every time, just screw a head that picks up to 13 diamonds or less at a time and fill the canvas in little time.

45 Degree Elbow Diamond Painting Pen

It is for those who are tired off and your wrist is aching due to the odd angle of the pen, this 45-degree angle pen will help you in completing your work faster


When you are done with your artwork it is better that the diamonds should be fixed properly so that they cannot slip or leave their place after a short period. For this purpose, roller pins are designed to press these diamonds on to the canvas.


Plastic Roller Tool

U can buy a plastic body roller pin, single-handed or double it is your choice. Roll it over the surface of the diamonds with a little bit of pressure and that’s all. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It comes in different sizes. You can choose according to the size of your canvas.

Wooden Roller Tool

Another option is a wooden roller tool that is more durable and puts extra pressure on the drills. It does not mean that it would be heavy in weight. The wood material is used in its products keeping in mind the required pressure it should put on the drills.

LED Light Pad:

Some canvases, mostly full drill canvases, have an abundance of similar symbols and codes that took a hard time to figure out. The LED light pad for diamond painting is the solution to deal with this problem. It is lightweight and slim in design that takes a smooth place under the canvas and brightens the canvas from underneath. It affects the rest of your eyes and lessens the strain on your neck.



Magnifier is used to see the small-sized symbols and codes for a better understanding of the image. There is a variety available of LED magnifier lamps.

Magnifier LED Desk Lamp

If you work at night or in an area where proper light is unavailable, this magnifier LED desk lamp would be a blessing for you. It will enhance the light power along with magnifying aspects to give you enlarged codes and symbols.

Portable LED Magnifying Glass

Having a portable Magnifying glass gives you the advantage that you can take it anywhere without restriction. Select the place of your choice and place your tools accordingly, you are good to go with your project now.

Magnifying Glasses for Diamond Painting

Those lovers of diamond painting suffering in weak eyesight can buy these pairs of magnifying glasses and continue their passion without harming their eyes.


After spending long and hectic hours in work when you are done with the diamonding painting. What’s next? Do not leave your work unattended to get it dirty in the dust. Beautiful and stylish wooden frames are offered for the buyer to get their work framed and receive appreciation.

To wrap up the whole conclave,

You have a large variety of tools and accessories that can help you in diamond painting like a pro.

Make your life easier and continue your passion without the hassle and more interest. It is our aim to help you and provide you every possible means in standing prominent and receiving love. Because all our diamond painting kits are created with love.

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