November 12, 2021

Useful Accessories While Traveling with Smartphones

The amazing advancement of technology has changed every aspect of the way we travel. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a month-long adventure, it is important to have the right gadgets when you go out.

In this digital world, no one goes out without a mobile phone. In fact, most of their work is done over the phone, whether they are professionals, businessmen, or students. Mobile phones are important to everyone, and the smartphone accessories that make the phone truly “smart” are also very important. Modern mobile phones are really great and can do miracles for everyone. They have excellent hardware, operating systems, and features. But it is the accessories that enhance its function and appearance. Most accessories are universal and are suitable for all smartphones, and some of them are designed for certain models.

We all know that our smartphones have changed the way we travel. From booking hotels and flights, finding directions, taking pictures, etc. When traveling, it is a gadget that is difficult for travelers to leave.

Before you start your next adventure, please make sure you have the following best accessories for your smartphone for your next trip!

iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount

Once you have found the best place to install your phone on your windshield or dashboard, you can always rely on Waze or Google Maps or any map service you use.

If you haven’t switched to automatic navigation by yourself, iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount is your best choice. As the name suggests, you only need to press the phone on the back of the stand and it will click into place. The stand is suitable for mobile phones the same size as the Galaxy Note 9, so it is basically universal. Its telescopic arm extends and rotates 225 degrees, ensuring that this stand helps to place your phone in the best position.

Hitcase Splash Waterproof Cover

Of course, most modern suppliers tell us that their new phones are shatterproof and can survive accidentally dropped into the water, but Hitcase’s phone cases have no room for explanation. Their shell is fully waterproof to 10 feet, and their crack-free ability is tested by throwing the phone directly on the concrete, ensuring that your travel camera is protected from any accidents during travel, and can easily take underwater snorkeling and swimming pool photos. They are lightweight but durable, and with a stylish design, they can easily double as your daily protective cover.

 Power Bank

When traveling, your smartphone may quickly run out of power, and your vacation has just begun. One of the reasons for this is shooting endless videos or photos on the go, or streaming movies and music.

With a portable power bank, you can keep your phone fully charged on the go or when you are at Airbnb. In this way, you can fully enjoy moments of relaxation in your journey reading news on your phone, listening to music, or even playing games such as roulette without having to deal with the problem of running out of battery in your phone.

Tile Pro Phone Finder

Tile is a small device that you can connect to any of your items and track it through your smartphone. This is a small tool that can be tied to or placed inside without taking up too much space. If you want to make it inconspicuous, you can design it with stickers to hide its identity.

The safety of your belongings is the most important. When you travel, you are left with only your necessities. The backpack you carry with you has your clothes, and possibly your laptop and your digital camera that need to be kept safe. Your backpack may also contain your passport and important personally identifiable information. Locks cannot guarantee that no one will steal your backpack, so you need a more foolproof option to keep your belongings safe. The technical gadget you can use is Tile.

International travel adapter

One of the most important travel gadgets is the adapter, which ensures that your device never runs out of power. This international travel adapter uses an all-in-one design covering 150 countries/regions and should solve the problem. After the adapter is opened, you can choose the pins of the US, Europe, Australia, and the UK, and the input port adopts a unique universal design.

You can also plug in four USB-A cables and a USB-C option to save space. Convenient design stores all your adapter connections through compact sliding controls. It is not recommended to use high-voltage electrical appliances such as coffee-makers or hair dryers, but it can be used as long as it is kept below 6.3A.

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