April 29, 2021

V Shred Review: Does the Program Really Work?

If you’re trying to lose extra weight, you’re most likely looking for diet or fitness programs that could help you on your journey. We live in a busy world where people have packed schedules, so having a program that allows you to live a healthier life without taking up too much time is ideal.

Well, this is what V Shred touts itself to be—a fitness program that can provide you with quick results despite the minimum workout requirements. But does V Shred really work, and is it safe to do?

Let’s find out.

Overview of V Shred

V Shred is a fitness and health company that provides personalized meal plans and training for those who want to reach their dream body. If you want a professional guide to lead you through your weight loss journey, V Shred can provide just that. This company believes that by exercising regularly and having a good diet plan, you increase your chances of reaching the weight you want. As such, V Shred capitalizes on these two factors, along with supplements that are supposed to help you build muscles and burn fats.

Vinsanity Shred, popularly known as V Shred, was founded by fitness expert Vince Sant. The brand’s well-maintained website offers a range of workouts for both men and women, supplements, and even activewear.

How Does V Shred Work?

The way V Shred works is quite different from other fitness and weight loss programs. The service takes place online, and professionals provide you with strategies to help you healthily lose weight. The plan has a high-intensity interval (HIIT) workout included, helping you burn fats faster.

Aside from HIIT, V Shred also has a plan called Moderate-intensity training (MICT). As the name implies, it’s not as intense as HIIT and could work better for other people.


Listed below are only some of the programs available on V Shred. Hopefully, they will give you a better idea of what to expect from the brand.

The Customized Diet and Training for Him

As the name implies, this particular program caters to men and provides a diet and exercise routine that is tailor-fit for men. That said, V Shred takes a person-to-person-based approach, so everything varies from man to man. You have to consider several factors when talking about weight loss because your body size, age, and other things could affect your journey.

The Customized Diet and Training for Her

Women supposedly have a different set of needs and requirements when it comes to exercise and diet. As such, this plan is tailor-fit for women, taking into consideration the different nutritional and physical requirements needed to help them lose weight.

The Fat Loss Extreme

Those who want to lose as much weight as possible within a short period of time may want to join this program. The weight loss program is extreme and can help you lose as much as 50 pounds. Of course, V Shred intends to offer an intense yet safe program that won’t leave any negative lasting effects on you and your body.


For the supplements, V Shred offers a Female Guide and a Male Guide. Let’s take a look at some options.

SCULPTnation Burn

This supplement is said to have ingredients that help with weight loss, such as Green Tea Extract, Rauwolscine, Yohimbine, and Cayenne Fruit.

SCULPTnation PreWorkout and PostWork

For this supplement, it’s composed of ingredients that support either your pre-workout or post-workout phase. The ingredients L-valine, L-Theanine, and Caffeine, for example, are supposed to help prepare the body for the upcoming workout. On the other hand, ingredients such as Ginseng Root and the Astragalus Root are said to help with weight loss after your workout.

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What We Like About V Shred

  • The programs aren’t complex
  • The programs offered are supposedly tailor-fit to your needs
  • The supplements contain lab-researched ingredients
  • Can help you lose weight with HIIT

What We Don’t Like About V Shred

  • The program will only work if you practice self-discipline
  • Several customers have complained to the BBB about V Shred
  • Some supplements included in the programs lack details about how they’re supposed to work
  • You need to become a member of V Shred’s website first before you can access the guides

Is the Program Safe?

It’s worth noting that V Shred’s products don’t note any warnings or precautions you may want to look out for. That being said, you should never do a HIIT workout if you’ve been injured before. Plus, it’s best if you avoid the suggested exercise if you’re a nursing mother or you’re expecting.


Overall, if you’re looking for a convenient weight loss and fitness program that’s personalized to your needs and body type for a faster weight loss experiencing, you may want to check out V Shred. After all, it has been backed by research that both HIIT and MICT workouts are excellent ways to burn body fat.

That being said, there’s not enough research that backs up V Shred as a program, and you may want to keep that in mind if this matters to you. If you have serious health issues or been injured in the past, it may be best to look for other means of losing weight.

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