January 12, 2016

Valid Reasons why Microsoft Surface is better than the iPad Pro

It’s the battle of two tech giants once again – but for the sake of this article and because my boss said so, I’ll be siding with Microsoft Surface 4 on this go, but without overly crucifying the new iPad Pro of course. Both the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro are powerful tablets, that’s obvious, but they’re not designed for the same kind of user. Focused toward creative types and those who like playing as much as they work, Apple’s iOS 9-equipped iPad Pro (starting at $799) boasts a big and crisp 12.9-inch screen and quad speakers, and can work with an optional keyboard and (to my opinion overrated) Pencil.

I can almost hear Jobs squirming in his grave – that man hates stylus and I’m pretty sure he won’t agree with this. The Surface Pro (starting at $899) on the other hand is a dedicated laptop replacement, using 6th generation Core processor to run the full version of Windows 10. It features the unique built-in kickstand we loved from the earlier version and pen, as well as the optional keyboard. After a couple of days reviewing both devices from Apple and Microsoft, we agreed that Surface is the winner, and here’s why.


Surface’s screen is big while iPad Pro’s is almost ridiculously large. You’ll find yourself saying “that’s way too big” the first time you see it. iPad pro’s shell is aluminum while the Surface Pro 4 is made up of sturdy magnesium, and while it’s almost as big as the iPad pro, it’s more manageable because of its more compact footprint.

Here’s another: The Surface sports a full-sized USB port, mini DisplayPort as well as a microSD card slot. The iPad Pro? Well, you have a lightning cable port.


Display of iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4

The screens for both tablets are evenly matched. And while the iPad Pro’s screen is a tad larger, Surface 4’s screen packs more pixels per inch. Let’s move on.


A keyboard is a necessity if you want any of this device to replace your laptop. The Surface 4’s keyboard features improved designed and a more spacious layout with its impressive 1.4 mm body. You’ll love the typing experience on this new Surface. What’s more, the keyboard is backlit and the Type Cover comes with a built-in touchpad, complete with a satisfying click.

Surface Pro 4 Design & Keyboard

The pricier (again) Apple Smart Keyboard lacks a touchpad, and also has smaller keys with less travel – and it’s not backlit. The only thing going for this accessory is that it has a fabric design that makes it resistant to spills.

iPad Pro - iOS 9 Keyboard

The iPad’s A9X processor is without a doubt the best chip Apple had so far, and it has no problem editing 4K videos. However, the Surface 4 delivers a wider range of CPU options, including a 6th-generation Intel Core M3, Core i5, and i7.

You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface Pro here.

There! Would you agree with us that the Microsoft’s Surface 4 is the better device? Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was released at Harvey Norman last November, so if you’re looking to get your hands on this laptop killer, now’s your chance for a limited-time offer.

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