October 9, 2019

How to View Private Instagram Using Private Instagram Viewer?

Instagram, just like Facebook, has millions of subscribers. This is a social platform where people share what is happening through videos and pictures. One can share locations and events anytime and anywhere. Using Instagram, you can gain access to your followers’ profiles, and know what’s going on in their social lives just by following their profile updates and posts.

Instagram provides the options of making your account either private or public. In most cases, celebrities will set their profiles to ‘public’ as most of their content will spark public interest. For any other person, you can select your profile to either public or private as you wish.

In most cases, people set their profiles to private because of security reasons. Besides, some feel comfortable allowing access to trusted individuals. Whichever way works for you, then you can go for it. As much as your Instagram information is your business, most people would get interested in knowing more about you. Regarding this, you will either receive overwhelming followers or messages inquiring about you. Some people won’t feel comfortable sharing information with the public and hence decide to stay private. This is a personal choice.

Does Private Instagram Viewer Work?

As said earlier, people will set their Instagram accounts to either private or public. Instagram has policies and regulations that help in protecting your information from getting put to unauthorized individuals. Information such as private chats, email, and phone contacts cannot be accessed by other sites when shared with Instagram. All your registration data remains with Instagram. When we focus on whatever you post, your public or private followers will see your social world.

If you run a private Instagram account, then you have your reasons. This keeps your information away from unauthorized users. With a private account, you can choose to accept a follower request or ignore it.

As much as we have private Instagram accounts, we have those potential stalkers who will always search and monitor your progress for whatever reasons. One can view your private profile once you accept theirs follow request. Alternatively, some useful applications and webpages that promise to give access to private profiles.

Some of the private Instagram viewer apps will work, while others will show blurred pictures. Others will ask you for information before giving you access to private Instagram profiles. Some go to the extent of requesting subscriptions so that they can provide you with access to whatever information you are looking for. This is where social media becomes a double-edged sword. Whatever you share on social media can either be beneficial to people or can end up crashing or putting you in danger.

When you use a private Instagram viewer to view someone’s profile means that you are invading their privacy. Whether some private Instagram viewer works or not, some people have had success in accessing their target’s profiles. If you are positively spying on someone, then we shall guide you through some of the recommended private Instagram viewer apps, and web pages. Nevertheless, the best way to access a private Instagram profile is to send a follow request. If the person accepts, then you are lucky and can go ahead and view their profile as much as you want. However, if the person doesn’t accept your request, then you can consider using private Instagram viewer sites or apps.

All these apps are specially designed to give you a specific result. We don’t promise that all of them will satisfy your quest; instead, try them and see if they deliver the intended outcomes. Note that some apps will require your private information, and sharing the information can either help you or put you into serious trouble. If you trust the site or app, then go ahead and use it for your good.

Before you decide to use any app or site, note that Google, in most cases, gives a warning to the use of the apps. You will find a section that says either a secure site or a dangerous site. While using the private Instagram apps or websites, know that they can get a virus into your computer as most of them direct you to other sites. More so, some of these sites are related and will take you from link to link and hence taking much of your time with minimal results.

Here is a preview of some of the apps and sites that promise to give you access as a private Instagram Viewing. Most of the sites are always scammers, and you need to use them at your own risk.

1. Private Instagram web viewer

When someone makes their Instagram account private, that means they are not interested in you checking through their content. Moreover, they want to remain undisturbed. When you have been denied access either by being blocked or by your request, not accepted, then you can get relief from this site. You can move through a few steps and get to see the content and enjoy it.

Private Instagram Web Viewer is ideal for viewing hidden pictures only. It works on iOS, Android, and Windows 10. For the mobile version, you can easily download the app and set it to work for you. If you are using the site, type in the username, and search. You will get the results within seconds. More so, you will have access to the content that you want, and this makes it easy for you to enjoy your access to private Instagram content. Sometimes, you can decide to remain private and view other people’s profiles simply because you are not interested in the continuous notifications that sometimes become annoying.

What makes this site straightforward is the ease of use. When you are using the site, you have the option to make the confirmation to ensure that the correct profile is selected for you to view. More so, you are given a chance to preview the pictures from the profile you want to see. This is more enjoyable and renders quick results.

2. Private Insta

Private Insta has had three years of service to the user. This viewer gives access to private Instagram profiles within seconds. You can get the services of this account; when you want to view a profile and don’t want the owner to know it’s you. Also, if you know the person, but you prefer to stay anonymous, and lastly if you need to view the account soonest.

Private Insta is easy to use, and the only thing required is for you to enter the username and generate the results you want. This site is also secure and will never ask for personal information. Finally, the site compatibility works with OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android systems. Some sites and apps will come and go, but for Private Insta, it has always been consistent and hence, a trusted way to view Instagram profiles.

This site works straightforwardly. You don’t require a lot of downloading apps or other stringent ways. Instead, open the site at Private Insta. With the username of the target, write in the search space and continue to get the desired results. Well, you will be directed to hundreds of the user’s photos and get what you have been looking for without the owner knowing. When using Private Insta, you will notice that the site has distanced itself from Instagram and explains clearly that it is not authorized or working with Instagram. This means that all the actions you are taking are at your own risk.

3. Insta Looker

This is another site that lets you monitor private Instagram accounts easily. The site doesn’t waste your time by asking you to download apps, or provide the login details; instead, enter the username of the target and get access to the results.

Instalooker has three key features, which make it unique from the rest. First, you don’t have to download it as an app as the provision isn’t there. This saves your time in getting the results on the given site. Secondly, you can spy on Instagram profile very fast as it features a friendly view for you. Once you have the specific site on your server, then you can go ahead and search for your target.

Finally, this site is legal and secure in most countries. You won’t be breaking the law by using it.

Insta Looker has three steps to getting the results. First, get the target right Instagram usernames, click on start view and wait for two-three minutes. There is a verification process to ensure you are not a robot. Finally, you can view the content from your target. Once you are satisfied and feeling like you need the viewed photos or videos, press the ‘export all’ button and get the content for your offline use.

4. Insta Spy

Accessing private Instagram has been made easy by the Insta Spy site. You will require the username for the private user you are targeting. Just enter the name and start the process of searching. This will lead you to the specific account you are targeting and hence getting you the photos and videos. You can, therefore, view and enjoy the private content as much as you want.

Well, this site is easy to navigate and quick to give you the results. More so, the site doesn’t require you to download the app to use but give you easy site navigation. You will also realize that the site is free and hence, affordable for anybody requiring information from a private Instagram account. Well, this Instagram viewer protects you as your information cannot be traced back. It is, therefore, a secure site for stalking your Instagram target.

Well, the sites mentioned above are excellent when you want to view any locked or private Instagram profile. You will get the results fast and hence feel relaxed. However, the sites distance themselves from Instagram. This is a way to keep you informed that they won’t be contacted in case the info you have accessed lands you in trouble.

Is it possible to see private Instagram followers?

When it comes to Instagram’s private accounts, it is obvious that the account holders are restricting accessing because of their reasons. Well, if you want to know their followers, then we have simple ways of having access. Note that Instagram doesn’t allow infringing of a person’s privacy, and hence there is a need for some consent. However, you will get permission or rejection. So, having access to someone’s private profile so that you can see their followers is easy. Here are a few ways:

  • Send the ‘follow’ request

If someone is private, you will see from their profile, and this means that they are very selective with the people who follow them. More so, these private account holders value their privacy. By sending a request, we have two outcomes, either the holder will accept your request or reject the request. If you are lucky as the chances are 50/50, then you will have access to the profile and followers once you are accepted.

  • Create a fake account

If you know the target and the target knows you well, then this is where spying comes in. Probably you have something you want privately from this account. Therefore, psychoanalyze your target and get to know what they like most. By knowing their hobbies, places of hanging out, their favorite books, and movies, then you can, as well, have those on your profile. They are likely to accept you based on the shared similarities. This will give you a leeway to knowing who the followers of your private target are.

  • Ask a friend

Well, asking a friend who has access to the target’s profile, and following them will be ideal for you. The downside is that you will be able to view the profile from your friend’s account just once. This works as you can get to know the real followers and hence have the information you want. Moreover, you will have a way to gain access to the account as long as your trusted friend is available to give you access once in a while.

You can also use the private Instagram profile viewer sites to know who follows your target. Some of the sites were reviewed earlier. We also have other websites that are legit and can guide you through to seeing who the followers are.

How to check who viewed Instagram profile?

It’s difficult to know who viewed your Instagram profile as this information is kept private by Instagram. Most people would want to keep a private life and hence the need for Instagram to remove anything that can quickly bring about enmity. The regulations for Instagram never mention targeting individuals but keep encouraging the social aspect of life.

Since it is hard to tell your profile viewers, we extend to an easy way that shows post viewers in the feeds. By using this section, you can quickly tell the number of people who have viewed your post and their usernames. If you wanted to know whether that person follows your posts over and over, then you can view the previous posts and find out why they are stalking you. Alternatively, the frequent viewers could be your secret admirers or even your fans, who are interested in knowing you better or getting closer to your content.

As much as you would consider knowing details about the profile viewers, the answer is shrinking to no, and this means that Instagram keeps the information private and confidential.


Perhaps you are wondering whether we have alternatives to just post feeds. Well, we have many apps that claim to give you the names and accurate viewers on your Instagram profile. When you try searching in the play store section, trust me, you will come across hundreds of apps that try to give you a guide. You can download any of these apps and try out and see whether they work. Most of these apps are scammers and will either ask you for credit card information after payments or come with hundreds of advertisements.

This is a risk that you will have to bear the consequences by yourself. Therefore, before you decide to get the app installed into your phone, first of all, go through the user’s reviews. You can get a glimpse of what to expect from the feedback.

To sum up the content on the privacy of your Instagram, we cannot assure you of the privacy as we have seen some apps work and give out the information. Some sites are also a disappointment and will get you into trouble as they keep your private information. Some of the sites reviewed above are believed to be result-oriented, and therefore need more and more of trying. Well, if you have good intentions when it comes to the profile viewing, then you can try the apps and see for yourself. However, when you have questionable plans, we would advise you to abide by the rules and regulations of the social sites.

We hope this guideline will add knowledge to whatever you had concerning the viewing of private Instagram.

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