December 2, 2017

Watch “Geo-Blocked Videos On YouTube” with this Free Chrome Extension

“The user who uploaded this video has blocked it in your country”. Does this message ring any bells? This is the same error message you get whenever you come across an interesting video on YouTube but couldn’t be played because it was geo-blocked by the owner of the video. Well, you don’t have to struggle anymore. Because there’s a free Google Chrome extension available in the store which plays geo-blocked videos.


So far you may have used VPN( Virtual Private Network) as an alternative approach to play the video. But the process can be tedious. To simplify the task without much hassle a Google Chrome browser extension has been developed to automatically play the videos without any restrictions by YouTube.

This browser extension named F*ck YouTube (yup, that’s what it is actually called) is available for free on Chrome Web Store that fools Google into playing YouTube clips that have been blocked for viewing in your region.


All you need to do is to install the application from the Chrome Web Store, add the extension to the browser, open the desired video on YouTube, and the extension will promptly load a working version of the video.

Also, note that while the extension unlocks the hidden YouTube videos you have the URL for, the extension does not play the region-locked videos when browsing clips in the channels. You can download the F*ck YouTube extension here for free download, and the source code of the app is available in this Github repository.

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