June 6, 2016

Waverly Labs is busy creating an earpiece that translates foreign languages in real time!

There is a newly innovated device that avid travellers are extremely excited about! It’s been designed by Waverly Labs to eliminate the language barrier between people who speak different languages. Frequent travellers often struggle to learn a new language; perhaps some visits are too short to even learn a new language so this device makes absolute sense.

So, how does the amazing gadget work?

The device comes in the form of a Bluetooth earpiece that translates languages as they are spoken. What? Absolutely! This piece of innovative technology is about to change how traveller interact with people in foreign land as they are able to understand more for basic things such directions to a place, the coolest bar in town, cheap motel, etc.

When can we expect the earpiece on the market?

Waverly Labs will be raising funds to build the pilot via Indiegogo; in the meantime the mobile app will serve as a basic travelling phrasebook for travellers this summer. We can expect the device itself in will ship in 2017. The package will feature the main translation unit, a second for stereo music streaming, a portable charger and an app that toggles the language for the earpiece to translate.

How much will the earpiece cost?

Good question. The company plans to sell the earpiece at US$299 with a selection of languages, which will be revealed. Apart from tech industry jobs, this may create an avenue for translation jobs across the world. The application will avail business solutions on a licence model based volume and will initially support European based languages and Germanic languages.

What about other languages?

Additional languages will come later in the development of the software; Waverly Labs plans for the device to support Slavic, Semitic, Hindi, and East Asian which may result in more developer jobs for people interested in the technology.

You can visit Waverly Labs website for more information and the Indiegogo page has already been launched. With summer around the corner, we hope the app will launch according to the timeline and support more international languages; a continent like Africa has a lot international travellers so the device would be truly innovative for Europeans visiting African countries. An interesting development would be supporting dialects alongside mainstream languages.

We will have to wait and see!

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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