April 26, 2018

 Ways to Make Sure Payroll is Global Compliant


How to Guarantee Your Company’s Payroll Global Compliance

With an increasingly centralized and global economic structure, administration and compliance standards are rising to meet the demands of a system reliant on technology and efficiency. With compliance to these new regulations becoming more and more important, businesses are looking towards external providers and new solutions to meet this need.

Businesses are finding that it is becoming more and more possible to safely expand their operations to other countries with minimal effort, with the advent of online platforms and international delivery services. Business owners are having to accommodate a wider range of customers. This, of course, can cause complications in regard to compliance and creates the possibility of discrepancies appearing over time, we’re only human after all! However, this still does not excuse you from the penalties and hassles that can come from actually violating compliance policies, whether accidental or not.

Technological Assistance in Payroll Global

To assist in the process here are some tips and tidbits on how to keep your payroll global compliant:

1.Review Relevant Compliance Policies

As a business owner or leader of a company, it is your responsibility to understand the different compliance regulations you have to adhere to. All the laws you will have to comply to will be available publicly, online, and are often translated into English for easy comprehension. Whenever possible, subscribe to source feeds and updates that will keep you informed of any changes to regulations, so that you do not get caught by surprise with any additional steps.

2.Eliminate Human Error and Manual Entry

When users and employees are left to input data manually, there is the inevitable possibility of human error resulting in a discrepancy, or mistake. It is already a common enough occurrence when the business only has to deal with regulations in-country, but when involving other countries, the chance of error increases due to the introduction of foreign regulations and language differences.


But with the wealth of technology and software solutions available, it is a simple matter of transitioning into an automated and tailored system that accommodates for foreign regulations and can adjust and comply with them without error, and on a consistent basis.

3.Make Use of Consultancies and Compliance Services

Outsourcing any compliance matters to a company that specializes in administration when you take your payroll global, can be a wise move, especially if the process is something you believe you might have difficulty in or will have trouble keeping up within the case of rapid expansion.

These companies can accommodate any and all processes, and will be familiar with the regulations across several relevant companies, and will have access to local and international sources that can expedite the process for your company. They will also be able to update you on any changes and can advise on ways to efficiently manage your regulations with minimal cost and hassle.

You Know the Tools Best for Your Business

Although it may seem a daunting task, it is a necessary one to the smooth administration of your business. Overall, managing your payroll on a global scale is a matter of organization and responsibility. But there a ton of solutions available to business owners that aim to mitigate the risk involved with international expansion, along with the hassle.


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