January 26, 2021

Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Once you’ve learned how to create a free blog, you need to learn a few tricks on how you can promote it. Navigating through social media can feel overwhelming, but there are numerous perks of doing it. Let us discuss some.

The benefits of marketing your blog on social media:

Massive exposure on the web

Once you’ve created your blog, you want it out there and promoted to the public. You want it to reach as many people as possible. That may not be easy since numerous blogs are growing every day, all competing fiercely for a higher ranking on search engines.

However, by using different social media channels, you can attain your goal of achieving better brand recognition. It starts by sharing your content on various social media platforms. That will provide more exposure effectively and efficiently.

Traffic enhancement

When you share your new blog content on various social media channels, people will see it. If it interests them and adds value to their lives, they will share and recommend it to other users. That helps to boost your traffic and achieve more subscribers. It gives you better and more prompt business opportunities.

Enhanced ranking

If you are considering enhancing your blog’s ranking, social media marketing should be your key priority. Note that your social presence matters to Google. If your posts get shared by many social media users, Google may consider it more helpful for visitors. It will then award your post with better rankings.

Therefore, try and explore all social media platforms to gain followers and increase engagement. That will increase your blog’s visibility and enhance its ranking.

Rapid lead generation

By performing social media marketing appropriately, you reach out to a massive potential customer base. Social media helps you to promote your products while creating business opportunities. That helps in the lead generation process.


Promoting your blog post can be a costly affair, depending on the marketing methods you choose to employ. But it’s different with social media marketing. With social media marketing, you get to make your brand visible to the intended audience. You can employ various social media platforms to promote your blog on the internet to derive the perks.

Should you consider paid advertisements, they still come cheaper compared to other marketing strategies aside from social media. Some of the activities that would help make your advertising campaign successful include writing explicit content for your blog, creating concise, clear, and appealing content, and creating concise punchlines and quotes.

That said, how do you promote your blog on social media?

Create intriguing and useful questions

Your followers and audience will enjoy the content that is useful and intriguing. The way you choose to present your content should ensure that your followers enjoy a good read.

Ensure that the style you choose gives your blog exposure. And that it attracts a massive social media audience.

Integrate social media with your blog

When you integrate your social media handle into your blog, you bridge the gap between your content and the platform. Those who read your blog posts require a seamless way to read and share your content through elements integrated into this site. These could be in the form of social media buttons that help readers to engage with your blog or share buttons that allow people to share your content.

Share your blogs across different social media platforms.

To promote your blog posts on social media, you need to share your content on different social media platforms. Share your posts regularly so your followers can always have something to read and share. Consider these sites’ analytical tools, which will help you gauge the reception of your content.

Also, incorporate aesthetic appeal to your blog posts so you can attract numerous readers. Consider using hashtags to promote your content while sending private messages to alert the readers of your new blog posts.

Create relationships with other bloggers

Research bloggers who make content similar to yours and share their blog posts. That will alert them that you are a reader, and they will be more compelled to reciprocate the gesture. Make sure to invite other bloggers in the same niche as you to guest write on your blog and write on theirs as well. That will give your blog a chance to appear in their updates and other social platforms. You may also consider a viral content buzz community, which will help your blog posts go viral on social media channels.

Join social communities

Finally, consider joining LinkedIn and Facebook groups relevant to your niche. These platforms will help you gain recognition for your blogs. However, do not go all out with a promotion. Start slowly by answering any questions readers may have or by engaging in conversations. Start sharing links to your blog posts, and eventually, you will notice the traffic.

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