August 14, 2016

WealthPack: The MUST HAVE App If You Care For Your Money

As we all know, savings cannot grow unless we manage our expenses well. And people often find difficulty in managing their money. If you want clear tracking of exactly where your money is going so you can make your budget according to how you spend, ‘WealthPack’ app may come to your aid.

WealthPack is an automated spend tracking system which gives you a comprehensive overview of your spending pattern, billing details and other data regarding your finances. It not only highlights your monthly expenses but also builds strong financial habits.

WealthPack - The MUST HAVE App If You Care For Your Money

WealthPack – Effective Money Management Software:

WealthPack makes it easy to measure and monitor your spending automatically. It performs the function of a monthly expenses calculator and has an Intuitive user interface. You can perform an in-depth analysis of your current and historical spending pattern. And it’s a lot more than just a saving calculator which provides bill payment reminders, account balances and other money saving tips.

  • An SMS-based financial app – no bank accounts or passwords required (No email access)
  • Auto categorizes all your expenses and spends, enabling you to become a better money manager
  • Comprehensive picture of – Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Cash Wallet and Categorized Expenses
  • Expense Management – Keeps track of monthly spends like EMI, rent, electricity, telecom, other utilities
  • Tracks all ATM withdrawals and helps track actual cash expenses. Easy and fast manual input facility for cash expenses
  • The services being provided by the app currently is totally FREE.

WealthPack The MUST HAVE App If You Care For Your Money

How is WealthPack Different From Other Expense Management Systems?

  • It doesn’t require manual inputting of data.
  • It doesn’t operate like some online financial aggregation sites that require your bank passwords and IDs.

WealthPack is ABSOLUTELY  Secure:

  • WealthPack would NEVER have access to any sensitive information – your bank account or credit card credentials or your customer IDs, your passwords, PINs and OTPs
  • WealthPack simply uses the transaction SMS generated by your bank / credit card company – they don’t access any other SMS. Their systems cannot read personal messages or OTP related bank messages.
  • It uses 256 bit Learn how to stay safe online that is bank level network security. Option to set custom pin on the app.

Learn how to stay safe online.

Hence, if you care for your money, Wealth Pack is the must have an app, which will help make good financial decisions for you! Become your own financial advisor with this app.

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