Web Pick Review : Make Money from your Blog with this PPI Network


As we all know Adsense is the primary earning source for most of the bloggers. But as the blog grows we must understand the kind of visitors we are getting and maximize the income in order to it to the next level. Adsense alone won’t be sufficient for you in long run. You should have few additional networks that you can make money from. One such network I have tested out recently is Web Pick.

web pick ppi network


What is Web Pick and how it works?

This is basically a PPI network which means Pay Per Installation. You have to add a download button on your blog/website or somewhere in an article/post. When someone clicks that and install a software on to their phone or computer you get paid.

This works best for download related blogs like Apps for PC, Download Software Programs etc. But you can also use it on regular blogs only on those posts that are related to software/app downloads.

Is it a good monetization technique?

Well in every monetization technique there are some disadvantages. Likewise this monetization technique also has some disadvantages as the visitors will tend to download a software program instead of the program they are looking to download. This might irritate a little but a better way to tackle this issue is to mention on your blog that its an advertisement.

My experience with Web Pick:

I have used it for a month and the results were pretty amazing. I implemented this ad on one of my blog post to test how it works.

installerex review alltechbuzz

As you can see from the above screenshot your cost per installation can be anywhere between 0.1 to $3 depending on the Geographic location of your traffic.

How to register in Web Pick?

In order to use the Web-Pick on your website or blog, you need to follow these few simple steps.

1. Register your account in the Web Pick. After you fill the registration form, you will receive an email confirming the registration.


2. In the email, along with the confirmation you will also receive the Skype ID of the manager who will help you with monetizing.

3. Add him/ her to your Skype and you will be guided about what to do and how to optimize the placement aswell.

4. An account will be given to you to can check the statistics and the conversion rate clearly.

5. Multiple websites can also be added under the same account you are using, which would make it easy to compare as well.

6. You would be having a dedicated account manager who will guide you in implementation of ads.

Let us know what do you think about this network in your comments. Once you are registered from the above link, drop me a mail to admin@alltechmedia.org and I will guide you how to monetize better to generate more revenue.

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