May 31, 2021

WebstaurantStore Review 2021

Thinking about opening a restaurant, or does your foodservice business need newer equipment? WebstaurantStore may be the answer to that. It’s a restaurant and foodservice supply company based in Pennsylvania, but you can purchase its products online. WebstaurantStore has a massive inventory of commercial-grade equipment that’s perfect for businesses in the foodservice industry. It’s a part of Clark Associates, Inc., just like its sister brand known as The Restaurant Store. Clark Associates, Inc. has seen a lot of success since its establishment, so much so that it’s considered one of the fastest growing companies.

Being in the foodservice industry means you can’t afford to purchase subpar equipment. You need to get the best of the best to ensure the satisfaction of your customers. If you’re considering buying from WebstaurantStore, our review will address everything you need to know beforehand.

History of WebstaurantStore

Founded in 2004, WebstaurantStore was initially established by Fred Clark to be a B2B sales company. Now, the company’s President is Dave Groff, who helped Clark found the company all those years ago. Starting off as a company in Lancaster, WebstaurantStore expanded to Kentucky in 2012. For the following years, WebstaurantStore continuously expanded its reach to other areas in the United States—Nevada by 2013 and then Maryland the following year.

These days, WebstaurantStore has several warehouses throughout the US, including Oklahoma and Georgia. The company’s office locations have also expanded outside of Pennsylvania, such as Florida, Kentucky, and Georgia.

Shipping & Delivery

According to WebstaurantStore’s official website, most of the company’s products are ready to be shipped within 1 business day. Although, the company also states that delays are entirely possible, especially when it’s peak season or supply is low. As soon as your order leaves the WebstaurantStore warehouse, the delivery time depends on where you live. If you need the product as soon as possible, you can choose the Second Day or Next Day option in your cart, as this ensures that WebstaurantStore will prioritize your order as long as the items are in stock. Do note that the availability of this option depends on your location, too.

Common Carrier Shipments

If your order happens to be too heavy or big to fit FedEx’s shipping requirements, WebstaurantStore will ship the products through a common carrier. Common carrier shipments are very different from the regular FedEx ones because you have to be the one to remove the items from the back of the tractor-trailer or truck. WebstaurantStore will send you an email as soon as your order has been shipped so you can keep track of where the items are and get ready to receive the delivery.

One thing you need to remember about common carrier shipments is that you have to sign your shipment after you’ve ensured you received everything safely and correctly. If you notice that something’s wrong based on the packaging, the truck drivers can wait up to 15 minutes for you to inspect all the items for any possible defect or damage. If any item is missing or has taken damage, you need to write down this information on the delivery receipt and contact WebstaurantStore within 1 business day to get the issue resolved.


It may be worth mentioning that there was a lawsuit filed against WebstaurantStore in 2018 by one of the company’s customer service employees. According to the lawsuit, WebstaurantStore didn’t pay its customers for their overtime compensation, which blatantly violates FLSA.


  • It has a wide selection of equipment for businesses in the restaurant or foodservice industry.
  • Fast service and shipping.
  • The pricing of the products is reasonable.
  • It has a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate.


  • High shipping fees.
  • Poor customer service.


From restaurant equipment, smallwares, tabletops, and furniture to janitorial supplies, disposables, and more, you’ll find most things you need in WebstaurantStore. WebstaurantStore reviews are polarizing, but overall, it does seem like the company is a legit one. If you’re willing to pay for the high shipping fees, you’ll find great products at great prices here.

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