May 28, 2016

ATB Forum Weekly Roundup – AdSense Alternatives, Link Building Strategies 2016 and more

It’s been a while we have started Forum for our readers and the response was decent. We have multiple threads on Forum with people participating in discussions on various topics and sharing their knowledge. I am personally active for about 3-4 days a week on forum and along with me Anurag, Rishi would also be taking active part of the Forum.

We discuss more on Blogging Tips, WordPress, Hosting, Making money online etc.

I will cover the best thread of the week in a weekly roundup, so that you can get the best out of the forum, if in case you missed it.

Top threads on the Forum:

  1. Different ways to make money from Blogging and AdSense alternatives
  2. Google News Approval Guidelines and Tips
  3. How to know the worth of a Blog/Website?
  4. Income TAX on Online Income in India
  5. Best Plugins to display ads on a WordPress Blog
  6. Link Building Strategy that works in 2016

You can go through the above threads and clear some of your doubts with better insights. Additionally, you can also register for free on Forum and be an active part of it.

About the forum:

  1. You can access the Forum at
  2. The forum runs on a popular software called Discourse. You might have seen a lot of other forums using this Software. Currently, we find this software very much flexible for our needs, but if we find a better platform in future, we won’t hesitate to make a move.

The forum is open for everyone, and you can either sign up via Google or Facebook on the forum. You can raise questions, answer questions and interact with other people on the forum. You can raise any question related to Blogging, AdSense, Technology, Gadgets, Life Advice and what not. I am completely leaving up to you. We will try to find the expert in that area and get it answered for you.

  • Visit ATB Forum.

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