15 Really Weird Questions Asked @ IIM Interviews That We Bet, You Will find Very Difficult to Answer

Interviews, sometimes, can really get out of hand, especially, when it is for something as prestigious as an IIM entrance, IIT entrance, or a government job. Many people try their best to get admission there. After getting the required percentile in the entrance exam, they are required to go through the interview process and consequently, get the coveted seat.

But what happens when the interviewer asks some weird questions? Maybe they just check our presence of mind, but whatever may be the reason, at the end of the day, those are IIM interview questions and the student is expected to answer them with a presence of mind. To counter the weird questions asked in IIM interviews, one should be witty, charming and natural self. It is because the interviewers sitting over there have the ability to see your reality even through masks.

In a Quora thread, a few applicants wrote down their craziest interview questions that were ever asked at an IIM interview. Hence, we decided to compile a few of them. Here are some of the answers submitted by the users. While some used the ‘smart-ass’ card to come back with a fitting reply, others were just dumbstruck with the peculiarity of the question.

 Here is the list of some of the weirdest questions that have been asked in IIM interviews, along with some funny and out of the box answers. Just check them out.

1. The National Anthem Situation.

2. Be careful who you bitch about. You might not be as lucky as this guy.

3. Pretty much the same as Lashkar.

4. Logically reason your way out of shit.

5. A good sense of humor is appreciated everywhere.

6. Be prepared to be embarrassed.

7. When Everything was kept aside and the question that lingered on was about email ids.

8. When Delhi elections took a toll (IIM-C Interview).

9. When Comparison between 2 B-schools took over:

10. Inspire

11. Choose your hobbies wisely.

12. Above all, always have an Ace in your pocket. Like this one.

13. Too much randomness.

14. When things got way too philosophical

15. Be Confident

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