November 27, 2020

What are the Advantages of Using Antivirus Software?

If you run a business, you’ll be well aware that great cybersecurity is vital. After all, your company’s servers will contain significant amounts of sensitive data at all times, from payroll information to records of specific interactions with a range of stakeholders, including customers and partners.

Should any of this information fall into the wrong hands, either by human error or fraudulent activity, not only will you be responsible for putting the private details of numerous individuals at risk, but you may also be held liable for considerable damages. Antivirus software can help to protect you against this type of risk. In this article, we’ll explain a few of the advantages of this valuable tool.

Protect Your Internal and External Networks

Antivirus software can be applied to your business’s central server, enabling it to cover client programs and devices across your network. This includes not only the wireless or wired networks and intranets serving your organization, but also any additional devices that connect to it. Furthermore, many types of antivirus software come with a built-in firewall that prevents malware from being downloaded from the internet.

What’s more, server antivirus software can scan files being uploaded to, or downloaded from, the cloud or any email account, which means that nothing sent from an infected device can cause damage within your network. This will prove more helpful than ever now that ever-greater numbers of employees are working from home and accessing company networks using their own devices.

Keep Up with the Cyber Criminals

Investing in antivirus software upgrades is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to keep a few steps ahead of hackers and other cybercriminals. The techniques used to illegally dupe a company’s cybersecurity systems are ever-evolving, but new antivirus tools are constantly being developed, making it possible to keep ahead of the curve. One of the easiest means by which you can keep the hackers at bay is to look into managed antivirus solutions for added security.

This type of MSP (managed service provider) offering enables you to outsource your cybersecurity services to a team of specialists. They’ll be able to implement all of the tools you require as part of your specialist antivirus setup, and they’ll also keep an eye on new developments within the field, informing you of new software and upgrades to keep your system as advanced and watertight as possible.

Shop Around for the Best Deal

Different types of antivirus software offer different features. Some can be tailored, while others provide fixed, cover-all solutions. Many include elements that can be switched on or off when necessary. Because of the variety available, you’ll be able to carefully select a resource that meets your needs, requirements, and budget precisely.

Detect and Eliminate Viruses and Malware Before They Affect You

Another handy approach to cybersecurity is EDR, or endpoint detection and response. This method involves constant monitoring and immediate response to cyber threats and breaches. While EDR can detect issues as and when they affect your systems or devices, antivirus software is capable of blocking cybersecurity threats from gaining access in the first place.

When it comes to the question of antivirus solution vs. EDR, the easiest and most honest answer is that both can help your business significantly when it comes to your cybersecurity. Many MSPs offer a combination of both in order to keep your company’s data as safe as possible.

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