November 29, 2022

What Does a Video Game Company Do?

Every year, players demand the release of new games. Especially the popularity of video games has grown, especially during the pandemic. But creating a new game is not as easy as many people think. It’s not easy to come up with a plot and draw graphics. This is a huge and time-consuming process. Each task requires a whole staff of employees. The video game company does a lot of work before the product hits the market.

How does the game creation process work?

A lot depends on the client: how deeply he wants to be immersed in decision-making, in the validation of what is being done. But in general, it looks like this: the client comes with a request. Depending on this, a plan of work and a team are formed, taking into account the client’s wishes for communication and control.

All this affects the composition of the team. If we are talking about development, then we need a team leader, developers, and, if necessary, an additional PM.

It is better to have one entry and exit point from the video game company. It should be a person who is aware of everything: what happens, by what dates, who is working on what, and who issues reports to the client side and regulates it in live communication. This can be a once-a-week status update call or daily reports. We have moments where clients attend meetings almost every day. In view of this, each individual project is really a separate state.

If we talk about the production of art content, then the client pays for the result. There is a certain price for each piece of art content. In the context of the development of more complex orders, when there is no final goal in terms of time, the client pays for each month of the team’s work. The price consists of expertise and the team itself. There is a certain premium cost for infrastructure, HR, and management. And a little margin — outsourcing is not a high-margin business. Sometimes software is included in the price.

What does iLogos do?

iLogos is an outsourcing company. The company develops games. Projects start with a team set for a specific order. And it ends only after the product enters the market. Thus, the company is fully responsible for each stage of the project. The main focus is the mobile industry, mainly casual and midcore-mobile: this is the key expertise of the company. 

The company accepts an order that will include both the entire cycle and a separate part that needs to be strengthened. There are many cases that are difficult to standardize.

The company does everything that concerns the full cycle in the classical sense: development, production, game design, operation, and testing.

Now the company has 250 employees, and it continues to grow. Initially, this was a studio from Lugansk. Recently, the company has switched to a new format of work. All employees have been transferred to remote work. But the efficiency of the workflow is not broken. All projects are executed on time. The company employs employees not only from Ukraine but also attracts professionals from the USA and Europe. A large staff contributes to the adoption of effective decisions and the rapid implementation of large-scale projects.

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