January 11, 2023

What Is a Free Phone Tracker, and How to Use It?

Whether you want to keep tabs on your kids, partner, or employees, there’s always the need to learn how to track someone’s phone. And the easiest way to track someone’s phone is to install a phone tracker app on their phone and yours. Surprisingly, you don’t have to pay to use some free phone trackers like the Snoopza Android app. 

This app offers various features that let you track the location, call history, text messages, WhatsApp, and other private information on your target’s smartphone. Curious to learn more about this interesting free phone tracker? Read on.

What is a Snoopza phone tracker?

The Snoopza phone tracker is one of the most popular free phone trackers on the internet. This tracker’s uniqueness comes from its free features that you won’t find on most free phone trackers. Cell phone trackers usually track only phone locations, but Snoopza goes much further by letting you spy on the target’s WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messaging apps.

However, the Snoopza app works only on Android devices, which is disappointing for people who want to track iOS users. Nevertheless, you can bank on Snoopza as your phone tracker if your target uses an android device. 

It’s worth mentioning that this mobile software is only partially free. While the basic features, such as call tracking, internet history tracking, SMS management, and geolocation feature, are free, you’ll need to pay to use extra features that we’ll discuss later in this article. 

Advantages of a phone tracker

Without question, phone tracking is an invasion of the target’s privacy, but the intention behind it matters the most. As we are in the era of passwording, a phone tracker is the last resort if you want to learn how to track someone’s phone. Below, we’ll discuss situations that can prompt you to install a phone tracker.

Child safety 

Today, the internet is filled with various harmful materials unsuitable for children. Of course, most inappropriate websites indicate their content is not suitable for underage kids, but that does not deter many children from going ahead. Blame curiosity. 

When you track your child’s phone and realize they are visiting inappropriate sites, you get the chance to educate them properly. Otherwise, you are in the dark with no chance to educate your child.

Besides, there are many interesting people on the internet. Unchecked internet use might lead your child to meet unwanted people who may want to harm or defraud them. 

For example, when North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, joined Tik Tok in 2021, some users asked her to send her mother’s credit card details. Essentially, you can keep your child and family safe by monitoring their call, internet, and location history.

Marriage security

Frankly, spying on your partner is not ideal, but they leave you no choice if they keep making suspicious moves. Romantic relationships should be open. If your partner is not transparent enough, it’s up to you to force the transparency. 

When you know what your partner is up to, you can make the right decisions. Making decisions in the dark could hurt your future, and you don’t want that to happen. So, choose a phone tracker like Snoopza and be informed. 

Employee control

Employees can be tough people to manage sometimes, especially when you are not always physically present at the workplace. With a phone tracker installed on the work phones, you do not always have to be at work to know what your employees are up to. 

This tool can also help you know the real-time location of your staffers. It’s the perfect way to keep your workplace honest. 

How to use Snoopza?

The Snoopza phone tracker requires only a few steps to be up and running. Here are the steps: 

Sign Up

Visit Snoopza.com to sign up. Then, enter your email address and preferred password, and create a free account. 

Install the app

After creating a free account, the next page asks you to install the Snoopza app on your target’s smartphone. Download and install the app. Then, grant the app the necessary permissions. Next, log in to your account and choose the activities you want to track.

Finally, enter a preferred pin and choose not to display the app icon if you’re keeping the target from knowing you’re snooping on them. The app will show as “WiFi,” so your target has no idea there’s a phone tracker on that device.

Start tracking

Log in to your Snoopza online account to track the target’s activities via a browser or the Snoopza Viewer app. The viewer app only works when you buy a Standard plan. The browser or app will show you the target’s activities, including screenshots, in real time. 

Functions of Snoopza phone tracker

You can only effectively learn how to track someone’s phone by knowing what to expect from the tracker. 

Here are the things you can do with the Snoopza phone tracker:

  • Track Calls
  • Track location
  • Record Calls
  • Manage SMS
  • WhatsApp spy
  • Facebook spy
  • Viber spy
  • Snapchat spy
  • Check Contacts
  • Take screenshots
  • Activate stealth mode
  • Track Camera
  • Track Todo List
  • Detect SIM card replace
  • Track Internet History

The Snoopza phone tracker is a powerful tool for modern-day device management. With its range of functions, users have the ability to view call logs and messages on any target device in real-time while also being able to track geographical locations with stunning accuracy. Moreover, Snoopza can even help monitor social media activity as well as provide detailed reports about how devices are used throughout the day – making it an ideal solution for parents or employers who want that extra layer of assurance when it comes to their digital safety.

How safe is it to use a Snoopza?

The Snoopza phone tracker is largely safe to use. However, keep the web account or viewer app from the eyes of the wrong person. Also, ensure you are not breaking the law by tracking someone’s phone without their consent. It’s worth mentioning that some states’ stalking laws prohibit cell phone location tracking. 

Pricing policy

The Snoopza tracker offers four free features, excluding the stealth mode that keeps the app hidden. If you want more than the basic features, there are two plans you can subscribe to. Here are the two parts of the software’s pricing policy:

1. Standard – Monitor one device 2. Professional – Monitor three devices
  • One-month plan costs $14.95. 
  • Three-month plan costs $34.95 
  • 12-month plan costs $99.95
  • One-month plan costs $29.95
  • Three-month plan costs $49.95
  • 12-month plan costs $129.95


Worrying about what your loved ones are up to on their smartphones is not out of place. If you’re one of the curious ones, the Snoopza mobile software is a reliable phone tracker to let you know everything you want. 

However, you can only know most things by subscribing to a paid plan. Although the free basic plan offers some helpful information, you might need more. Finally, when learning to track someone’s phone, ensure that you know your state’s privacy law. 

So the Snoopza Phone Tracker is an incredibly powerful tool for keeping your family safe. By tracking calls and messages, as well as providing real-time GPS locations of target devices, it gives you the ability to monitor all activity on a device from any location in the world. Plus, its advanced features enable parents and employers alike to protect their loved ones or employees – ensuring that their safety is always a top priority.

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